Bangkok Thailand Travel Map & Things to do in Bangkok:Nala Farm: A Blooming Rice Champaign

This house is quite pop now, only of late the possessor of the rice plain decided to brand a woods dyad to arrive easier for him to cheque roughly the farm. But locals started to come upwards to this house too stimulate got a photo. So, later on on, they decided to add together brand this into a tourist destination. The greeny plain makes beautiful photos to hold out posted on social media. 

Nala farm is located at Tambon Tha Kham, Amphoe Hat Yai, Chang Wat Songkhla. For Google Map click here. It is 24 hours opened upwards to the populace since it is an opened upwards field. It's eighteen kilometers from the view of the urban total too less than xxx minutes to travel. 

Don't aspect likewise much of this place. This is zip compared to other tourist destination. It is only a greenish plain amongst a wooden dyad that volition stimulate got you lot roughly the farm. There is zip actually much to run into aside from the greenish field. Well, the best ease is to pass it amongst nature. Natures make our trunk relax too also it heals us. I also saw white birds flight around, they also decorated some trees amongst birds nest. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 proficient house to see too unwind. 

The best fourth dimension to come upwards hither is early on inwards the morning time too belatedly inwards the afternoon when the Sun is out. People commonly come upwards hither belatedly inwards the afternoon. So, if you lot desire to avoid the crowd, come hither early on inwards the morning time or inwards the middle of the day. 

We came hither belatedly inwards the afternoon. I was surprised to run into a bunch of people. The dyad is non too thus broad too people come upwards too go, too thus hold out careful amongst your steps non to autumn downwardly into a unclean field. Some plain is unclean too at that spot are places where it is non unclean too. People commonly ambit agency too thus everyone is prophylactic piece walking on the wooden bamboo bridge.

There are modest cottages too bench inwards the middle of the bridge. But the best business office for me is the cottage inwards the tree. I felt similar a kid again. Tree cottage is something childish for me too I love it. I didn't immature lady the chance to climb to roughshod similar a kid again. They decorated this tree amongst hanging birds nest. 

After getting roughly you lot tin notice a few shops here. Selling snacks too drinks for tourist. Overall, it is elementary but a proficient house to walk roughly too spending fourth dimension amongst nature. 


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