BangkokMap: Tiger Cave Temple in Thailand (Wat Tham Suea), Krabi Thailand

On our footling three 24-hour interval Krabi Thailand">holiday inward the Krabi Thailand area at the halt of Apr 2017 at that topographic point were a twain of good known attractions that nosotros wanted to visit. We were non besides bothered nigh beaches although certainly on our side past times side watch I desire to come across Railey Beach Thailand. We did desire to come across the Krabi Thailand">Emerald Pool, as well as volition watch at that topographic point again, exactly accept noted that y'all accept to larn at that topographic point early on to avoid the crowds! Top of my listing was the Tiger Cave Temple in Thailand - Wat Tham Suea (วัดถ้ําเสือ). Not to hold upward confused alongside the Tiger Temple in Thailand nigh Kanchanaburi (a twain of hours westward of Bangkok) which featured tigers cared for past times monks as well as was raided as well as close downward final year! The Tiger Cave Temple in Thailand inward Krabi Thailand has no actual tigers. It does accept a cave although nosotros somehow neglected to watch the cave! The brain Temple in Thailand as well as cave are below a tall cliff alongside a Temple in Thailand on top. It's 1,237 steps upward as well as quite steep. Sounded similar a identify unit of measurement challenge :)

This is something to hold upward done early on inward the morning, or belatedly afternoon. You don't desire to create this inward the core of a hot Thai day. We were awake nigh 6:30am as well as based on this experience, I'd enjoin that if nosotros create this ane time again nosotros volition commencement fifty-fifty earlier! We could genuinely come across the Tiger Temple in Thailand from our Krabi Thailand Town hotel room - on function past times of ane of the hills inward the distance (actually solely nigh 7km away every bit the crow flies).

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Tiger Cave Temple in Thailand - Location Map


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