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UPDATE APRIL 2017. Due to province disputes, it seems that Laem Sing Beach Thailand is temporarily non opened upward to the public.

Just a twosome of weeks ago, nosotros took an afternoon trouble solid unit of measurement campaign upward the westward coast of Phuket Thailand. The thought was to destination at a few beaches that we'd non seen for years. Yes, I said years. Phuket Thailand is a large place, nosotros produce convey a few favourite places past times the Beach Thailand, but to a greater extent than oftentimes than non we're non a beachy family. We drove through Beach Thailand">Kamala Beach Thailand, in addition to stopped at Beach Thailand">Surin Beach Thailand. In betwixt Kamala in addition to Surin at that topographic point is another, much smaller, Beach Thailand called Laem Sing (or Laem Singh if you lot desire to piece it similar that). There's a viewpoint on the roadside where you lot instruct this amazing sentiment of Laem Sing. The westward coast of Phuket Thailand has a lot of beautiful views.

(above) Laem Sing Beach Thailand seen from the viewpoint betwixt Kamala in addition to Surin beaches

Many years ago, dorsum inwards the yr 2000, my married adult woman in addition to I (before nosotros were married) used to ride our scooter upward in addition to downward the coast quite often. Back thence nosotros never visited Phuket Thailand Town, nosotros took days off in addition to headed southward from our room inwards Patong to Kata or Rawai beaches, or due north to Kamala in addition to Laem Sing. xiv years ago, Laem Sing had null evolution - no bars or restaurants, simply a few Beach Thailand chairs in addition to perhaps a twosome of people amongst coolers of drinks for sale. OK, it was depression flavour when nosotros visited, but it seemed similar nosotros had the whole Beach Thailand to ourselves. The photograph below shows a much younger me on Laem Sing Beach Thailand all those years ago.

As years rolled past times I was aware of websites promoting Laem Sing every bit "the unspoiled Beach Thailand". And thence it became busier, in addition to I knew that bars in addition to restaurants were opening there. Thankfully at that topographic point is no infinite for a hotel. And somehow, nosotros never went again. Preferring to proceed a retention of a Beach Thailand inwards Phuket Thailand amongst nix but sand, body of body of water in addition to surrounded past times jungle. We realised that we'd non visited Laem Sing for xiv years! So, after stopping at Surin Beach Thailand nosotros parked inwards the small-scale parking surface area higher upward Laem Sing. The sign needs replacing ...

And thence a walk downward the steps to the Beach Thailand. Not a long walk, but on the mode dorsum upward you're going to hold out breathing hard!

So, correct straight off Laem Sing Beach Thailand is going through some changes along amongst all the beaches inwards Phuket Thailand. The rules are all of a abrupt existence enforced. Rule 1 : No edifice on the sand. The Beach Thailand is world land, non private, non to hold out used for profit. And thence all upward the westward coast the bars, restaurants, massage huts, Beach Thailand chairs are existence removed. The beaches are existence made to a greater extent than natural again. I am certain this is temporary. Local people volition brand deals in addition to yes, inwards a touristy house similar Phuket Thailand you lot involve some Beach Thailand chairs in addition to drinks for sale. When nosotros got downward to the Beach Thailand nosotros constitute (on that real day) the Beach Thailand huts in addition to bars existence removed or burned. (This agency I ameliorate instruct dorsum inwards a few months for an update!)

But looking out to sea, pretty much the same every bit xiv years ago! I would promise that if nosotros see Laem Sing i time to a greater extent than afterwards this year, we'll notice perhaps a few snack stalls in addition to drinkable sellers, but no large restaurants. Or you lot tin laissez passer on the sack simply destination at a minimart on the way, instruct a few drinks in addition to some H2O ice in addition to taste the Beach Thailand.

(above) Looking out to body of body of water from Laem Singh Beach Thailand (panorama)

(above) Laem Sing looking southward (Kamala is simply some the corner)

Hard to believe that I tin laissez passer on the sack alive on a small-scale isle in addition to non see somewhere for xiv years, but .... Phuket Thailand is non thence small-scale in addition to well, I am non on vacation here, mostly working v - half dozen days per week. More fourth dimension would hold out nice. Laem Sing (after the "clean up" is cleaned up) should expect something similar it did many years ago. Back to existence a house to see if you lot desire the unspoiled Beach Thailand. If you lot desire busy, there's withal Patong for you!

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