BangkokMap: Loy Krathong 2018 - 23Rd November 2018

Loy Krathong is a really one-time festival which takes identify on the total satelite of the twelfth lunar calendar month (so the appointment is dissimilar every year). In 2017 the appointment was Nov 3rd. In 2018, the appointment volition hold upward Nov 23rd. Loy Krathong is largely virtually giving thank y'all to the goddess of water, though may hold upward based on an one-time Hindu festival. There are many links betwixt Buddhism in addition to Hinduism, beingness that the Buddha was born inward India. The festival is non huge inward Phuket Thailand compared to Chiang Mai for example, but however it seems that everyone does it! Celebrations volition hold upward muted this twelvemonth due to the cremation of King Bhumibol on Oct 26th. There are commonly large parties, but this twelvemonth volition hold upward to a greater extent than a fourth dimension for serenity reflection. However I imagine at that spot volition hold upward events at Patong, Karon, Chalong Pier in addition to Naiharn, peradventure more.

Does what exactly? Well, aside from a chip of a party, y'all conduct keep to "Loy" (float) your Krathong - a few years agone I wrote virtually How To Make Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 Krathong. There are also beauty contests in addition to who-can-make-the-best-krathong contests. The storey below is based on our Loy Krathong eve dorsum inward 2008.

Despite the weather, nosotros headed out inward the eve to Bang Wad Reservoir which is exclusively a few kilometers from our home. The reservoir is Phuket Thailand's largest fresh H2O supply, thus a adept identify to plough over thanks. The eve has been wet. Yes, nosotros had been "blessed" amongst enough of water. Of course, everyone waited until the pelting had stopped, thus it was rather crowded in addition to also unclean underfoot. We had several Krathongs to float - i made yesteryear my wife, i made yesteryear her sis in addition to i made yesteryear my miss at school. There were hundreds of Krathongs inward the H2O in addition to hundreds to a greater extent than people wanting to float away all their bad luck.

Near the H2O were only about nutrient stalls. We did non hang around. It was crowded in addition to muddy... in addition to getting late. I mean value side yesteryear side twelvemonth we'll give-up the ghost somewhere serenity for Loy Krathong.

At the reservoir nosotros bought only about "kom fai". These are lanterns made of newspaper amongst a lump of corporation fuel built into the base. Simple design. All y'all take away to practice is lite the fuel, permit the hot air rising in addition to sentry them go. People were doing it at the reservoir.

At abode nosotros flora that lighting the fuel was non thus piece of cake amongst a chip of a breeze. One of the lanterns took off in addition to and then landed i time again inward the garden side yesteryear side door.. in addition to then took off i time again in addition to got stuck inward their TV aerial. I idea the burning fuel would burn downward their TV cable, but the lantern blew off to security inward the end. We sent iv lanterns off into the nighttime heaven to teach stars (so I told the kids!)

(above) burning fuel heating the air inward the Kom Fai

(above) Once the fuel actually starts to burn, the air heats upward in addition to y'all tin plough over notice piece of cake liberate your lantern... These things are getting to hold upward a chip controversial, since they burn downward out in addition to and then the frame, oftentimes made of metal, falls downward to litter the nation or the sea.

NOTE : 2017 I'd hold upward careful letting lanterns give-up the ghost unless y'all are certain it's allowed ... non strictly legal in addition to peradventure best to avoid.

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