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Top 10 Thailand Beach Destinations

Thailand has about of the best beaches inwards the world, but amongst in addition to thus many to direct from, it tin go hard to pick the perfect one. The best Thailand beach spots are listed below. Each has its ain distinct personality, in addition to thus you’re certain to notice the correct beach for you.


1. Patong Beach, Phuket

 Pretty in addition to popular

The largest beach on the isle of Phuket is also the country’s most pop beach. With a broad coastline, soft white sand, warm H2O in addition to enough of hotels, restaurants in addition to shopping inside walking distance it’s impossible to instruct bored here. The vibrant nightlife attracts a partying crowd in addition to the jet skis proceed the mass cranked to high during the day, in addition to thus those looking for peace in addition to tranquility mightiness desire to caput elsewhere.

2. Railey Beach, Krabi

Quiet in addition to sporty

Though it’s technically on the mainland, Railey Beach is only accessible yesteryear boat in addition to has a desert isle feeling yous won’t notice on most of the country’s pop beach destinations. Clear blueish waters, pocket-sized islands on the horizon in addition to regal cliffs surroundings the pocket-sized beach, which is by in addition to large non crowded except during peak season.
Aside from stone climbing, swimming in addition to snorkeling, there’s non much else to do hither but admire the gorgeous scenery, in addition to thus convey a mass in addition to ready to relax.

3. Maya Bay, Koh Phi Phi Ley

Just gorgeous

This pocket-sized stretch of sand is the quintessential Thailand beach in addition to mightiness simply accept the best scenery of whatsoever inwards the country. Part of a niggling isle following to Ko Phi Phi, the beach is nestled inwards a pocket-sized bay in addition to surrounded yesteryear tall limestone cliffs. Maya Bay tin only go visited on twenty-four sixty minutes menses trips yesteryear boat, since at that topographic point are no accommodations here. Hordes of people watch during high season, but the beauty makes dealing amongst the crowds worth it.

4. Hua Hin Beach, Hua Hin

 Convenient in addition to family-friendly

This beach on the Gulf of Siam is immensely pop for locals in addition to international visitors, cheers to the apartment stretches of beach, enough of things to do in addition to the ease of go from Bangkok. The beach slopes rattling gently into the gulf, in addition to thus spell it’s non the best beach for existent swimming, it’s a keen house for families amongst pocket-sized children.

5. Kata Beach, Phuket


Just a duo of miles away from the hustle in addition to bustle of Patong Beach is this quieter, relaxed beach inwards Southern Phuket. Kata has everything that makes Phuket in addition to thus pop – palm trees, warm H2O in addition to dainty scenery, but at that topographic point are no high ascent hotels or shopping malls inwards sight. During depression season, waves at this beach tin go intense, making it a keen house to do about surfing but non the perfect spot for those amongst immature children.

6. Lamai Beach, Samui

 The perfect balance

Though Samui’s beaches tin go packed, peculiarly during high season, this beach strikes the perfect residual for visitors looking for pretty scenery, practiced swimming in addition to enough of other things to do when you’re non inwards the water. At night, the scores of bars in addition to restaurants plough Lamai Beach into a political party scene.

7. Sairee Beach, Koh Tao

 Chilled out

Once virtually solely a base of operations for divers, visitors are like shooting fish in a barrel realizing that Ko Tao has to a greater extent than to offering than simply a house to swallow in addition to slumber betwixt dives. This i mile stretch of white sandy beach amongst a beautiful sentiment of pocket-sized islands inwards the horizon is Ko Tao’s most popular, amongst enough of cheap accommodations in addition to restaurants. The closest aerodrome is inwards Samui, in addition to thus getting at that topographic point involves a ferry trip in addition to keeps the beach relatively uncrowded.

8. White Sand Beach, Koh Chang

 No longer simply for backpackers

This beautiful stretch of beach on the westward side of the isle is fringed amongst palm in addition to kokosnoot trees against a backdrop of gentle sloping hills. Though Ko Chang is nevertheless considered to a greater extent than of a backpacker isle than a luxury destination, there’s a broad alternative of accommodations to direct from.

9. Haad Rin, Koh Pha Ngan

 Party beach

As beautiful equally it is, Haad Rin is actually known for simply i affair – Full Luna Party! Once a calendar month the beach goes on an all-night bender amongst enough of drinking, dancing in addition to music. At other times of the month, the political party atmosphere nevertheless pervades in addition to thus those looking for a quieter beach experience mightiness desire to steer clear. During the twenty-four sixty minutes menses the soft, golden sand in addition to gently sloping coast brand Haad Rin ideal for swimming in addition to enjoying the surrounding scenery, though many visitors are likewise bleary-eyed to appreciate it. The beach is on a pocket-sized peninsula jutting out from the isle in addition to thus spell at that topographic point are places to slumber in addition to eat, it’s nevertheless relatively undeveloped.

10. Koh Mun Nork

 Desert island

This small, individual isle inwards the northern go of the Gulf of Siam is paradise constitute for anyone looking for a truthful desert isle experience. The white sandy beach is surrounded yesteryear palm trees in addition to non much else – there’s only i resort on the island. That in addition to the 45 infinitesimal ferry from the mainland guarantee the beach volition never go crowded.





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