BangkokMap: Exploring Novel Roads - Klong Kian, Phang Nga

On some weekends nosotros don't create much, simply strange jobs, homework (kids), conduct keep a tiffin out maybe, conduct keep it real easy. Sometimes a long slumber inwards is real much appreciated. But fifty-fifty amongst a tardily wake upwards call, in that place are enough of hours inwards the twenty-four hours for doing something to a greater extent than interesting. My married adult woman too I similar to simply "go for a drive" sometimes, perhaps amongst a vague goal inwards mind, or perhaps nosotros simply follow our noses. The kids volition hold upwards similar "Do nosotros conduct keep to? Can't nosotros rest dwelling household too residuum too play video games?" But real oft these random drives terminate upwards beingness enough of fun too I similar to intend that the kids also similar the consider of exploring novel roads. They powerfulness simply terminate upwards going backpacking for years similar I did :) Well, on a recent twenty-four hours off, nosotros were non upwards likewise early, had noodles for breakfast most 11am too and thus consider "What now?" I had been looking at a move of Phang Nga tell for some fourth dimension on the map, a large expanse most one-half the size of Phuket Thailand that nosotros had non explored at all. Phang Nga is the tell simply over the span from Phuket Thailand too nosotros conduct keep done a lot of drives roughly this expanse inwards the past. The expanse I wanted to explore is simply over the span to the east, a large bulge sticking out amongst the primary route to Phang Nga Town looping roughly it. On the map it looked real placidity too I was non certain if the roads were that good, but nosotros conduct keep a selection upwards truck which tin sack conduct keep a few stone oil roads!

The expanse is move of Takua Thung district too during the afternoon nosotros passed through three dissimilar sub-districts (Tambon) - Lo Yung, Klong Kian too Tha Yu. We had 3G coverage almost all the manner too had Google Maps on the telephone to banking concern jibe directions. Proper exploring :) We took a correct plough simply a dyad of km afterward the Sarasin bridge, too off onto novel roads. Started off every bit a skillful road, too thus hitting a few km of route edifice amongst many large trucks coming the other way, but it shortly settled downwards into lovely dark-green scenery.

Laem Sai, an expanse nosotros explored a dyad of years agone on some other lilliputian campaign :)

Phang Nga Bay trip!

Wat Suwan Kuha (Temple in Thailand inwards a cave)
Holidays inwards Khao Lak
Koh Yao Noi Island

Klong Kian Area, Phang Nga - Location Map


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