BangkokMap: Emerald Pool, Krabi Thailand (Sra Morakot)

We had a really prissy Krabi Thailand">family trip to Krabi Thailand at the goal of Apr 2017 (just a duad of nights away from Phuket Thailand). It's non every bit good far, well-nigh two 1/2 hours receive from our delineate of piece of job solid to Krabi Thailand Town. We skipped the beaches, but had a duad of good known attractions that nosotros wanted to visit. After checking inward to our hotel nosotros headed out of town looking for the Emerald Pool (Sra Morakot - สระมรกต). It's a fleck of a drive, well-nigh 50km from town or 60km from Ao Nang Beach Thailand. We stopped for a quick dejeuner on the trend in addition to constitute the entrance to the Emerald Pool at well-nigh 1:30pm. As expected, things looked busy. The car common was quite full. I tin move also advise trying to catch on a calendar week 24-hour interval in addition to non a weekend or world holiday. Having said that, it was non in addition to therefore crazily crowded in addition to every bit it turns out in that place is to a greater extent than to encounter hither than only ane emerald coloured pool! There's an update at the goal of this weblog postal service - nosotros visited over again a duad of months afterward in addition to went early on - paradise!

Entrance fee is the common double cost - foreigners 200 Baht for adults in addition to 100 Baht for kids, Thai cost twenty Baht / 10 Baht. At the entrance are a bunch of petty food/snack/drink stalls, but delight produce banknote that you lot are non allowed to accept nutrient in addition to drinks inward plastic containers amongst you lot to the emerald pool. We did respect a modest store selling drinks nearer the puddle too.

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Emerald Pool - Location Map


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