Sunday, May 20, 2018

Food | Halal Nutrient Inwards Mbk, Bangkok

After spending three days inwards Bangkok eating the halal foodcourt nutrient which consist of yellowish rice (really yellow) in addition to chicken which basically their version of nasi ayam or chicken rice, I decided I require to await for THE nutrient courtroom where Elaine took us to. I remembered clearly its on the function yesteryear flooring of Mahboonkrong Mall (MBK).

Knowing the distance from my hotel, I decided to caput at that topographic point on Sabbatum instead for my luncheon earlier departing dorsum to Malaysia. And I prayed that the nutrient is every bit yummy every bit I remembered in addition to if it yet is, I excogitation to spider web log almost it (told myself strictly). That was how badly I wanted a nutrient that I tin dismiss relate to… (siap rindu nasi lemak, roti canai, satay, mee rebus bagai ok! Sangat kemaruk).

My hunt begin…

Got to MBK in addition to commencement looking for the nutrient court.

Oh yah, there's two foodcourt inwards MBK in addition to the i I went to is telephone telephone The FIFTH Food Avenue.

The FIFTH Food Avenue has slightly a unlike concept despite they purpose coupons. The steps in addition to T&C are every bit below.

And at that topographic point are four halal stalls hither for you lot to chose from in addition to I picked Jimbaran that sells Indonesian food.

The alternative is in addition to thence crazy in addition to yummeh that I accept difficulty inwards choosing.

Then there's Standard Arabic cuisine for you lot to choose.

And champaign there's an Indian stall every bit good :)

This stall was novel to me but I noticed that they fifty-fifty accept Halal sign on the poultry, in addition to thence it should last good.

And THIS, is my meal. Yeah! Not real creative but I only don't experience similar eating oily or yellowie stuff. Hhahahahaa.... it is super YUMMEH, trust me. Cost me a bomb though.

Cool, they fifty-fifty accept a survey shape which I rated adept in addition to excellent.

Options. Options. Options..... endeavour it if you lot are inwards this area. 

PS : Tuh je nak lift sebab upset giler ngan makanan for the concluding 4-5 days.


#Traveltips | 1 See. 1 Shop. I'm Broke! [Platinum Mall Review]

I see. I shop. I'm BROKE!

That is just what people produce inward Platinum Mall or Chatuchak or Bangkok. They (or should I country nosotros or perhaps I) shop every bit if General Zod gonna kill Man Of Steel in addition to destroy the globe or something. Not alone the cost hither is cheaper than those inward Malaysia, the fact that if you lot buy two or iii in addition to more, the cost drops fifty-fifty farther so would endure a bully joy-killer if you lot were to alone buy ane or none, right? Right? Right?

Hence, store nosotros shall.

Sharing glimpse of what they have/sell hither :)

Ah.... Platinum Mall. Heaven to girls, Hell to boys (wallet).

For those alongside extra cash I would recommend 2 nearby hotels for you lot to stay. One would be the Amari Watergate Hotel in addition to the other would endure Novotel Platinum Hotel, the bully affair almost this two hotels is it allows the U.S.A. GIRLS to store in addition to dump our goods at the concierge in addition to piece of occupation on shopping, after all it is only fifteen steps away. Easy Peasy! 

Platinum Mall consist of seven flooring in addition to this is later on divide into two zone which I can't run into the dissimilar except that it burnt a hole inward my wallet but anyway...

One should banking firm gibe their time in addition to wallet earlier starting their Amazing Shopping Race. That is the alone advice I have, in addition to oh yah! Wear proficient shoe, a VERY GOOD WALKING SHOE. You won't regret this.

This is how the woman mortal 'lane' looks like. I also propose you lot become inward orderly in addition to systematically fashion to avoid 'accidentally' repeating the same lane every bit this would hateful you would miss on other 'important lane' in addition to shopping time. We don't desire that, produce we? Hehhehehheee.... 

The current summertime 2013 trend. Kinda cheap, roughly RM30-50 mebbe. 

Other fancier dresses available... there's an alternative for everyone. Not to worry.

Man department are non likewise bad either, if Iron Man in addition to Hulk tin mail away article of apparel it, in addition to so tin mail away you.

Man produce store too, only that the lane are non that crowded *wink*.

Some cuter shirts on Man's floor, errr... boy's floor.

 Kids, kids, kids....

And to a greater extent than kids.

Accessories flooring is a killer too, dearest some of the shawl or caput scarf.

Ahh..... inward tendency likewise right. 

Nonsense stuff, my favourite; spent 45 mins of nothingness and came out with..... NOTHINGNESS. Just browsing, hahahhahahaaa.... 

Wanted that Stitch purse in addition to so badly but clueless of what to produce alongside it. Sigh... 

Platinum Mall nutrient courtroom provides halal food, withal there's only 1 halal stall (I think, in addition to I forgot to direct maintain a film of it, duh Lily!).

And 1 vegetarian stall, pick your choice. 

And every bit usual, it's coupon system.

Aside from Platinum Mall, in that place are Ladies Wholesaler Mall in addition to some other fashion mall side yesteryear side to it, you lot tin mail away ever pass some fourth dimension hither too. Ladies Wholesale Mall is much cheaper I heard but I propose you lot check-it out yourself.

There's shops exterior this Ladies Wholesale Mall every bit well, brand certain you lot encompass all perimeters. 

This is the other fashion mall located side yesteryear side to Platinum Mall, on the correct mitt side, there's Starbuck.

And if you lot overshop, it's ok! Just become larn yourself a beg pelarian to materials your goods! Hehehhehhehe.....


Saturday, May 19, 2018

The Daughter Guides Association Of Thailand (Bangkok)

This entry is dedicated to Diana Teo of Travel & Living Journal of DT

I walked past times this surface area a 1 yard one thousand times together with never 1 time I noticed this building. Perhaps I was focusing (rushing) on the shop(ping) or time. Either way, I overlooked this modest edifice every time.

But somehow, that item 24-hour interval I decided to hold off down, non run across but hold off - actually look.

That is when I discovery that it is The Girl Guides Association of Thailand headquarter, together with yes; Diana was the outset matter came to my mind. I right away hold off for the side past times side staircase down.

You see, I e'er read Diana tweeting most her daughter guide activities (and she is 1 of the commission in Girl Guides Association of Sabah, don't play play [popular blogger too]) together with beingness a daughter guide myself (was), I have the highest abide by for her and the fact that she continues beingness active fifty-fifty later on schoolhouse (unlike me).

And piece inward Bangkok for the umpteenth time, I was wondering to myself; what to larn this lady - postcards (overated - from me/Bangkok)? Journal/diary (bought that on previous trip - forgot to post)? Food (ship all the agency to Kota Kinabalu? Aiyooo)? Magnets (too many of Bangkok/Thailand probably)?

Then it striking me, this is a sign!!! I must become inward together with larn her something from Girl Guides Association of Thailand, well... at to the lowest degree a badge or something.
Picture taken via iPhone; to excited, didn't realised it is shaky.

Guess which 1 I got for her?

I was inward Sunflower Patrol. I think.

Kind together with motherly looking heh.

Guess what? The door was locked, apparently I got panic every bit it was my 2d final 24-hour interval inward Bangkok together with the side past times side 24-hour interval inward a Saturday, they mightiness live on unopen on weekends. Yet... yet I run across guiders inside, together with I get circling the edifice (yup, I did that. Kiasu right) together with constitute out that they unopen the principal doors together with the entrance is alone from dorsum door. Ahhhh...... Phew!

Pushed the door open, took off my shoes, tip-toed to the store quietly similar a mouse. Not certain why I demand to produce that, non similar I am going to rob the shop, hahahahaha.....

I asked (in English) on whether I tin buy whatever of the stuff, they said yep together with looked at me curiously. The lady asked where was I from, I said "Malaysia together with I purpose to live on a daughter guide besides (the demand to indicate it out together with exhibit off - drama Lily!)". Continued "I desire to larn something for a friend, she is still very active inward daughter guide". The friendly guider asked whether I was from Kuala Lumpur together with I said yes, told her that my friend is from Kota Kinabalu (macam ler dia tahu kat mana). Then I said Kota Kinabalu is inward Sabah, located inward Borneo; "ahhhhhhh..... Borneo!", that got their attending alright :)

I took 20mins or together with thence choosing the materials together with requested to snap a few photos. Permission granted.

It has been long since I final visited Kuala Lumpur headquarters, perchance I should just...

Those that wishes to drib by, guide maintain banker's complaint of the opening time.

Diana is also an avid locomote blogger (the kindest together with sweetest) together with e'er yell upwards to ship me a postcard *hint hint wink*, I managed to larn her two souvenirs from hither (kinda proud moment), guide maintain a approximate what are they. Muahhahahhahaah... *evil laugh*.

For those who wanted to drib by, it is located close (1 minute walk) the Victory monumemt BTS Station (walk towards the monument itself).


Agalico Garden Together With Tea Room | Bangkok, Thailand

Third fourth dimension is a charm they say. I agree.

After to a greater extent than than 10 trips to Bangkok, i tin easily ran out of ideas on how to fill-up their days here, of course of pedagogy there’s e'er shopping as well as Thai massage (and to a greater extent than shopping) precisely I involve something novel as well as refreshing. After toying alongside few ideas such gym, walking at Lumpini Park as well as Tom Yam-ing (‘hashtag’ lame), I was pretty devastated; ‘This is it?’ I said to myself, ‘Like, really?’.  I am certain this cute-little-creative-brain of mine tin conjure something better, something different, something novel or something... Just SOMETHING. ANYTHING. Then i fine day, I saw a retweet from Diana Teo on thematic cafes roughly Bangkok as well as I was… ecstatic, that’s it! I shall create this, café hunting!

#TravelTips | How to instruct to Agalico Garden & Tea Room Bangkok, Thailand (pictorial)

My café hunting prejourneybegins – googling, searching for tweets, sliver dropping (ops) etc, I convey to say that I am really print alongside their café themes, it’s pretty much endless; from criterion calorie-free repast café to dessert solely café, from décor themed café to Japanese chain café, nada stops them, then much then that I got confuse to which I should seek first. Well, I live on narrowed downwards to 4 must seek (see) cafés inwards Bangkok that are easily accessible, starting alongside Agalico Garden as well as Tea Room.

Love at the outset sight. Period.

I was inwards awe alongside the house that for the outset fourth dimension ever I was speechless (instead of jumping as well as shrieking alongside joy). Located inwards a Burmese-colonial building, i would marvel the all white concept, decorated alongside Ming blueish as well as white ornaments combine alongside nature greenery. Sense of calmness as well as silence the 2d you lot pace inside, equally if it took you lot to some other parallel globe where the fourth dimension stood still, where the British ladies sipping their Earl Grey as well as children enjoying their English linguistic communication scones. What tin live to a greater extent than perfect than this. 

The detailing.

To the dot. Weaving our Asian behave on alongside colonial décor perfected the mood. Everything was good persuasion of, I peculiarly cruel inwards dear alongside the means they play alongside sunlight, it await then beautiful equally the morn Sun shines thru the living hall. Purity.

The Garden.

The courtyard able to tally pocket-size grouping of invitee as well as the quaint white gazebo equally garden centre slice completes it. Wedding bells? *smile*

Tell me, did you lot non autumn inwards dear alongside it too?

 #TravelTips | How to instruct to Agalico Garden & Tea Room Bangkok, Thailand (pictorial)