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Let me laid out yesteryear maxim that despite living inwards Phuket Thailand, which is good known for it's Phuket Thailand">beaches, nosotros (as a family) are non actually Beach Thailand people. We don't actually always "go to the Beach Thailand"- for sure non for a whole day, usually only inwards passing nosotros mightiness receive upwardly one's involve heed to accept a look, or if I am inwards a "go for a drive" mood, nosotros mightiness halt at a Beach Thailand or two. We honestly never catch the top dog beaches inwards Phuket Thailand, together with I suppose the entirely Beach Thailand that nosotros catch ofttimes would hold upwardly Khao Kad Beach Thailand which is habitation to Phuket Thailand">The Beach Thailand Bar, a favourite hangout of ours inwards the high flavor (it closes inwards depression season). Maybe nosotros used to catch beaches to a greater extent than ofttimes when the kids were small, similar 8 - 10 years ago, but fifty-fifty together with thence nosotros preferred pocket-size beaches amongst no crowds. And despite existence a really very busy tourist island, Phuket Thailand together with the surrounding expanse does direct keep many serenity areas together with some quieter beaches. We outset constitute Laem Ka Beach Thailand inwards 2006, which was the twelvemonth I started doing this spider web log thence nosotros started exploring Phuket Thailand a lot more. Although we'd been roughly the Rawai Beach Thailand expanse many times, nosotros had no sentiment that Laem Ka existed! After a incorrect plow together with directions from a friendly hotel safety guard nosotros constitute this lovely serenity house together with (for once) nosotros fifty-fifty stayed a spell together with allow the kids play at making sandcastles.

Phuket Thailand">Evason resort which unopen a few years ago, but is due to re-open inwards 2019 equally the Intercontinental Phuket Thailand Resort. There are some basic wooden stalls at the dorsum of the Beach Thailand. Nothing was opened upwardly when I was there, but mayhap inwards high flavor at that spot are vendors for the tourists coming inwards yesteryear speedboat?

On the twenty-four hr menses I visited (a not-so-uncommon perfect bluish heaven depression flavor days) Laem Ka Beach Thailand was paradise!

Phuket Thailand">Rawai Beach Thailand
Phuket Thailand">Phromthep Cape
Phuket Thailand">Phuket Thailand Seashell Museum
Phuket Thailand">Ya Nui Beach Thailand
Phuket Thailand">Koh Kaew Yai Island

Laem Ka Beach Thailand - Location Map


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