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UPDATE NOVEMBER 2017 - I recollect this house has closed, but at that topographic point is a branch alongside a similar lift (Sarapad Zaab) inwards the Central Festival mall.

People oftentimes inquire where they tin larn "real" Thai nutrient inwards Phuket Thailand. It tin move difficult to notice a eating theatre at the principal tourist beaches that does anything actually authentic because the Thai nutrient served at a eating theatre that caters to tourists does tend to move somewhat bland, addition if y'all accept a eating theatre that claims to offering "Thailand Food, Seafood, Pizza, Pasta, Burgers ... " it's non probable to move all good! For existent Thailand Food, y'all accept to consume where the locals eat. Many of the restaurants recommended on this weblog are places that don't encounter every bit good many tourists. As a family, nosotros don't larn to consume at Patong Beach Thailand or whatsoever of the principal beaches. And since nosotros alive only about Phuket Thailand Town, that's where nosotros tend to consume close often, together with Phuket Thailand Town is a proficient expanse to notice proficient Thailand Food.

Zaab Tae Tae is only exterior town, adjacent to the Index mall, only off the principal route that runs from the Central Festival Mall to Tesco Lotus. Doesn't audio similar a nifty location, but real convenient for us, alone a few minutes from our house. The eating theatre specialises inwards Isaan together with Northern Thailand Food, close of which is spicy! The give-and-take Zaab is a Northern slang give-and-take for tasty (you'd usually say Aroy) together with Tae Tae agency "very very", also Northern slang, whereas you'd usually say Mak Mak. The location is proficient for local people who run inwards the expanse together with it's e'er been fairly busy when nosotros accept eaten there. It's indoors together with airconditioned, a põrnikas addition on a hot day!

Big Chicken. My married adult woman is a big fan of the Somtam that they brand here. Never been a fan myself, but somtam is i of the close pop foods inwards Thailand together with tin move made alongside many dissimilar ingredients together with does tend to move real spicy!

Big Chicken
Krua Suan Cha
Yellow Door

Zaab Tae Tae - Location Map


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