BangkokMap: I Chun Eating Theatre Inwards Phuket Thailand Town

One Chun Cafe together with Restaurant has been opened upward for a few years now, but nosotros simply ate at that spot for the starting fourth dimension time inward June 2016 together with decided it was good, thence we've been over again inward July. My married adult woman together with I did convey a java at that spot a duet of years ago, but didn't shout out upward it was anything special. Since thence it has been expanded together with redecorated together with nosotros heard a practiced review from friends, thence nosotros live visited. There are quite a few places nosotros similar to swallow to a greater extent than or less Phuket Thailand Town. This is our surface area of Phuket Thailand equally nosotros alive inward Kathu simply a few kilometers from town. One Chun volition live some other nosotros add together to our listing of favourites.

The advert "One Chun" is a transliteration of the Thai advert - วันจันทร์ - which way Mon inward English. I'd usually write that equally "Wan Jan", but it's upward to them! It seems to live opened upward daily for tiffin together with dinner together with tin larn busy. On some other occasion nosotros went there, but it looked likewise crowded for my liking. I know that way it's popular, but I similar a flake of infinite together with a staff who are non rushed off their feet thence yous larn improve service! It's inward the one-time town on Thepkasattri route near the corner of Dibuk Road together with unopen to Phuket Thailand-town">Thalang Road.

Phuket Thailand-town">Kopitiam
Phuket Thailand-town">Tunk Ka Cafe
Phuket Thailand-town">Eleven Two & Co
Phuket Thailand-town">Yellow Door
Phuket Thailand-town">Abdul's Roti Shop

One Chun - Location Map


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