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Phuket Thailand has many markets that powerfulness inward some style involvement a visitor. The most pop is sure enough the weekend market which is opened upwards Sabbatum as well as Lord's Day nights close Phuket Thailand Town. But it has enough of contest now. The Indy Market opened a few years agone inward the erstwhile town surface area as well as is pop alongside immature people. And as well as therefore the first-class Sunday market is on every Lord's Day on Thalang Road inward the middle of erstwhile town. If yous desire a existent working marketplace (you know, vegetables, fish, meat, fruit, fresh foods) I'd advise visiting the fresh market inward Phuket Thailand Town or peradventure Kathu fresh market. I intend what people desire is a mix of food/restaurants as well as bars as well as stalls selling clothing as well as arty things. The Lord's Day marketplace is likely my favourite, but it's alone inward Sunday! The weekend marketplace is an experience, but tin dismiss last also busy for me. So, immediately there's something new!

The Chillva marketplace officially opened at the halt of Apr 2016 alongside the aim of beingness a chip to a greater extent than cool as well as trendy, as well as without the alcohol costless sense of the Indy market, which has many local teenage customers. Chillva has a mix of shops, marketplace stalls, bars, restaurants, nutrient stalls as well as oftentimes has alive music too! Some of the shops as well as bars are opened upwards every evening, but the principal marketplace is opened upwards Mon to Sabbatum starting slowly afternoon as well as closing only about 11pm. Best to watch from well-nigh 6pm. My concluding watch (to accept some photos for the blog!) was well-nigh 5pm as well as that did appear also early, it was really quiet. Gets much busier later black as well as has rapidly give-up the ghost popular.

Phuket Thailand Weekend Market
Sunday Market inward Old Town
Indy Market
Karon Temple in Thailand Market
Phuket Thailand Town Fresh Market

Chillva Market Phuket Thailand - Location Map


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