BangkokMap: Footling Amazon River Tour At Takua Pa

Last weekend nosotros took a movement off Phuket Thailand, over the duet heading for Khao Lak. Our master copy excogitation was to banking concern jibe inward to a hotel too relax, but plans changed :) First nosotros detoured for tiffin too took a hold off at Thai Mueang Beach Thailand, which is betwixt Phuket Thailand too Khao Lak. No hotels there, only a few restaurants too a pocket-size turtle sanctuary too several kilometers of Beach Thailand. I'd similar to halt in that place in i lawsuit again too write something on the blog. Then, rather than banking concern jibe inward to a hotel, nosotros decided to movement by Khao Lak to a greater extent than or less other 30km to Takua Pa. We induce got explored this surface area before, notably the onetime town which has a Sunday market. From our identify it's close ii hours to Takua Pa. We had checked out the "Little Amazon" place terminal year, but did non produce the tour every bit the weather condition was non great. This time, the heaven was partly bluish too nosotros decided to endeavour something new. On arrival at the auto park, nosotros were the solely people in that place too nosotros wondered if it was closed, but a guy appeared to assistance too my honey married adult woman negotiated a cost of 1,000 Baht for ii boats (4 of us, ii per boat). I was non certain what the trip would hold out similar or how long it would take. I imagine if y'all majority inward advance, they'll hold out create for you. For us, nosotros had to hold off a piece every bit the guy called a friend who turned upwards amongst pocket-size longtail engines for the niggling boats too afterward close xv minutes waiting, nosotros were create to go.

Easy Day Thailand, too hence I produce recommend Khao Sok National Park, white H2O rafting or to a greater extent than or less waterfalls. It's slow plenty every bit a hateful solar daytime trip from Phuket Thailand, though meliorate every bit an overnight trip too a hateful solar daytime trip is fifty-fifty easier from Khao Lak.

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After the trip, nosotros genuinely decided to movement habitation too relieve coin rather than staying inward a hotel :) There's genuinely rooms correct in that place (sorry, don't know the price!) too a restaurant. We had an early on dinner in that place (decent plenty Thai nutrient at a decent price) earlier driving habitation to Phuket Thailand. I mean value if nosotros teach to a greater extent than or less English linguistic communication visitors who desire a niggling jungle experience, we'll come upwards again.

Little Amazon Tour - Location Map


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