BangkokMap: Uber Taxi App Straightaway Available Inwards Thailand

Update March 2018 - Uber is straightaway leaving Thailand in addition to has sold out it's operations to Grab.

Update Nov 2015 - Looks similar Uber is no longer operating inwards Phuket Thailand. They are even thence inwards Bangkok.

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And read to a greater extent than on this spider web log almost Phuket Thailand-your">Taxis in addition to Tuk Tuks inwards Phuket Thailand.

Original postal service from 2014 :

I figure this is worth a mention, although from reading around the meshing it seems that Uber in addition to other app-based taxi services similar GrabTaxi lead keep their fans in addition to haters too! These apps lead keep been around a piece - Uber started inwards the USA inwards 2011 in addition to already started inwards Bangkok inwards 2014. I know that inwards Europe at that topographic point lead keep been protests from established taxi services who claim these apps to endure illegal, I am non for certain 100% how they piece of work inwards dissimilar countries, but inwards Phuket Thailand which has had all kinds of taxi problems for years, I would tell anything that adds a novel alternative has to endure good, fifty-fifty if the prices don't larn downwards yet. Phuket Thailand taxi fares tend to endure quite high, peculiarly for shorter trips. Doesn't actually hold back similar Uber is cheaper, but it's the fashion it industrial plant that mightiness endure useful for some people peculiarly if yous lead keep used it before inwards other places.

Taxi choices for most visitors to Phuket Thailand currently extend to tuk tuks in addition to normal taxis. There has been enough of piece of work done inwards the terminal yr to convey illegal taxis off the streets (like a auto parked exterior your hotel amongst a cardboard "taxi" sign on the roof). There was a big campaign to brand for certain all local taxi drivers are registered in addition to insured in addition to lead keep the proper licence. Official taxis should also lead keep the drivers call on the door. There are also some meter taxis, to a greater extent than oft than non doing aerodrome runs, but really few around the Beach Thailand areas where "taxi mafia" groups lead keep long controlled for certain areas. Again before this yr using military machine potency at that topographic point was a big crackdown on the taxi gangs amongst quite a few arrests beingness made. The arrival of something similar Uber seems expert to me.

Uber is an app yous tin download to your phone/iPad or PC, but it needs to endure able to read your location, every bit the app connects yous exercise the taxi, thence the driver knows just where yous are in addition to yous tin run across where the driver is, summation yous tin depository fiscal establishment jibe your location every bit yous are driving, really useful inwards a novel place! You tin sign upward online here (the link is, which includes a special promo code for a discount on your offset ride. If yous download the app, move into the promo code uberjamiesphuket. I lead keep checked out the app, but lead keep no detail take to piece of work it hither inwards Phuket Thailand since I alive hither in addition to lead keep my ain transport. Need a vacation straightaway to some other location where Uber is online thence I tin endeavour it!

Here's a screenshot from my telephone (below), what yous run across when yous are using Uber. You tin pick out a pickup location in addition to run across where Uber registered vehicles are located. I lead keep selected a location on the Beach Thailand route inwards Patong in addition to tin run across three dissimilar cars available.

You in addition to thence laid the pick upward location in addition to tells yous the estimated fourth dimension for pick upward in addition to yous tin larn a fare gauge for where yous desire to larn to or move into a promo code. Then yous striking the Request Uber push (See below).

Seems really simple. When yous sign upward for Uber yous select a payment alternative - credit carte or Paypal are options. I chose PayPal. No cash needed. Apparently cash is non an option. Some people similar that, some people even thence similar cash! No take to tip either, although I guess that depends on you. If yous depository fiscal establishment jibe the Uber Website, it says (in the pocket-size print) "No take to tip". There's a apartment charge per unit of measurement 950 Baht to the aerodrome from anywhere which is cheaper than local taxis accuse inwards Karon or Kata, thence a tip mightiness endure OK!

Oh, thence how does it work? I wondered that too, thence I met Warren, the Uber instance for Phuket Thailand in addition to had luncheon in addition to a chat. So it's non merely whatever quondam taxis or "some guy amongst a car". Uber does non employ drivers. It's local taxi drivers who sign upward for the app themselves to endure drivers. Not all are accepted. Uber wants nice, friendly, good dressed divers amongst overnice cars similar a Toyota Camry or Fortuna or Honda Civic. They started amongst a few limo drivers in addition to it seems give-and-take of oral fissure helps spread the give-and-take amid the drivers. So yous tin endure for certain all drivers are legal. Uber is non their job, merely some other fashion for them to larn customers, non merely hanging around on a street corner or exterior a hotel shouting "taxi!" at anyone passing by. I'm non quite clear how Uber makes much coin out of this organization though! Surely the lions part of the fare goes to the driver?

Anyway, I promise I lead keep a endangerment to endeavour Uber myself sometime. There is i other of import call for - afterward taking a ride amongst an Uber taxi yous tin larn out feedback in addition to a rating for the driver. Warren told me that if drivers larn a few bad ratings, they larn removed from the app. That should ensure that alone the overnice polite drivers are available on Uber. Of flat many Phuket Thailand taxi drivers are really nice. We lead keep a overnice guy exterior our dive store most days called Mr Teep. But people's experiences amongst taxis in addition to tuk tuks inwards Phuket Thailand are mixed - I wrote almost this before this yr - run across Phuket Thailand-your">Phuket Thailand Taxis in addition to Tuk Tuks - Your Opinions. I reckon Uber mightiness good endure used hither past times people who already piece of work it in addition to perhaps if yous lead keep non tried it, give it a go! Just to repeat - yous tin sign upward online here or if yous download the app, move into the promo code uberjamiesphuket. Either fashion gets a discount on the offset ride. Good luck to Uber. Something novel is needed inwards Phuket Thailand. Ideally I'd similar to run across to a greater extent than buses, peculiarly I'd similar to run across motorbus services betwixt the beaches (there are non whatever correct now), but anything that challenges the condition quo volition do!

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