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I starting fourth dimension went to Utila inwards 1996, ane of the stops on my xx calendar month backpacking trip through the Americas. I started inwards Montreal, ended inwards Santiago. Got every bit far North every bit the arctic circle inwards Alaska, together with every bit far South every bit Tierra del Fuego. I'd create it all again, exactly Utila was the house that drew me dorsum to Central America inwards 1998. Stayed some other half dozen months (4 of them inwards Utila) together with later a quick coin earning dash dorsum to the UK, I was dorsum inwards Utila inwards Nov 1998. Stayed until September 1999. Since thence I accept been living together with Phuket Thailand Map-with-sunrise-divers">diving inwards Phuket Thailand Map, Thailand.

Utila is a magic place, together with for me its the people that arrive special. There is no house inwards the footing similar it. The people are a mix of white English, dark Caribbean, perchance a flake of pirate blood, a splash of Spanish..The big families are white - the Bush family, the Cooper family, the Whiteheads, the Boddens, the Morgans, the Hills, the Jacksons, the Hinds...The English linguistic communication spoken at that topographic point is real odd. Try the link below for excerpts from the Utila TV station (was non inwards beingness when I was there). Especially heed to the interview amongst Hal Whitefield. You accept to melody your ears.

* Update 2010 - I uploaded a ready of photos onto Facebook from my fourth dimension inwards Utila - accept a await hither : Jamie's Utila Photos

Looks similar has non been updated for a while. There's some bully information on here. I dearest the erstwhile photos. I'd dearest to acquire dorsum ane day. I accept nightmares virtually Utila looking similar a concrete jungle, amongst shopping malls together with big resorts, exactly I intend that's unlikely to happen. Nothing seems to accept changed since 1999 except practiced things similar 24 hr electricity.

I learned to dive amongst Utila Dive Centre, together with loved it thence much I stayed for two months together with did my Divemaster course, logging nearly 100 dives inwards the process. I'm non a big fan of "zero to hero" courses really, exactly I intend I turned out OK. The instructors were real practiced there. In early on 1999 later my Instructor assort I did some live on at the Bay Islands College of Diving, thence changed to Paradise Divers, where nosotros got things rocking together with were ane of the busiest dive shops over the summertime of 1999. We never had a spider web site, together with when Brian offered us a spider web site inwards telephone substitution for a dive assort nosotros said YES! You'll discovery a photograph of me somewhere on that site below, it's non been updated at all since then...

Jungle Jim stayed a long fourth dimension inwards Utila, became a Course Director - run into his weblog below. Very lamentable to country he died inwards 2014.

Viva Utila!

HQ TV - Utila, The Bay Islands, Honduras
Utila Dive Centre
Paradise Divers Utila
Jungle Jim's Utila Blog
Utila East Wind Newspaper
Hotels inwards Utila

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