Bangkok Map: Tomorrow

Wow, yesterday was a busy one. Our spider web sites are by in addition to large available inwards Italian, in addition to I had to produce templates for close l pages to overstep on to Diego for translation. What fun!

Tomorrow is a exceptional day, every bit my mum in addition to dad volition move into from England for a three calendar week visit. It's the 3rd fourth dimension to Thailand for them. We get got approximately trips planned to Phi Phi, Khao Sok, Krabi, Koh Yao, Chumphon in addition to more. They volition endure coming together my 1 twelvemonth onetime boy for the showtime time, I'm certain they'll holler back he's gorgeous. I get got to stitch to the 14th, in addition to hence nosotros get got two weeks all together. Great!

Started run early on at 7am today. Was woken past times a pocket-sized voice..."daddy, tin y'all larn me approximately water?"..Once awake, there's piddling betoken lying downward again. The showtime lite of twenty-four hr menstruum was inwards the sky, in addition to the early on plane catches the worm...Well, it agency I tin larn domicile early on too.

Kids had approximately vaccinations yesterday at the hospital. Daughter took it bravely amongst barely a wince. 1 twelvemonth onetime boy fought the nurse in addition to striking her inwards the face. They both get got a flake of fever this morning, hence hopefully volition accept it tardily today. Last fourth dimension my parents came, miss was sick when they arrived. Hopefully non again!

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Bali Attractions