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Living inwards Thailand, it's a chip difficult to notice a decent beer. Chang is my commons tipple. The novel Chang Draught is non bad, indeed quite good, though quite how yous brand a existent bottled draught beer is beyond me. For a bottled beer, I nonetheless prefer Chang. The eating theatre Phuket Thailand Map-restaurant-tips-dairy-hut">Dairy Hut inwards Phuket Thailand Map Town serves proficient Draught Chang. I tried San Miguel lately - a Philippino beer (brewed nether licence inwards Thailand). Also tasty, exactly quite a chip to a greater extent than expensive than Chang. I tried the Red Horse beer (also past times San Miguel) ane fourth dimension - potent together with scary. I swear I was non the same for several days afterward drinking it...

Singha Beer is the Thai Beer, exactly I never quaff it, together with Lord knows why they decided to launch a Singha Light. Leo has it's fans, or then say it tastes "hoppy", similar a High German beer. I disagree. Tiger Beer is non bad, Heineken is for sure drinkable together with gives a less severe hangover than Chang. You see, there's enough of choice, exactly nearly of it powerfulness every bit good hold out thrown conduct downward the bog, cutting out the centre man.

(if yous somehow institute this post, it's real quondam (2006)) I nonetheless similar Chang though!

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