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Update - this spider web log postal service is from 2006. There's a novel postal service most Phuket Thailand Map zoo here:

Phuket Thailand Map-zoo-should-you-visit">Phuket Thailand Map Zoo - Should You Visit?

(PS - the respond to that query is in all probability "No")


Old postal service from 2006 -

I am non a large fan of zoos. In general, I don't similar the persuasion of wild fauna beingness caged, though Alex the Lion from Republic of Madagascar mightiness disagree. Too many zoos receive got large animals inwards bare concrete pits or muddied holes, as well as yes, Phuket Thailand Map zoo has some of this. H5N1 dopey tiger is kept chained upward for photos, a leopard walks but about his lonely cell, the elephants, monkeys as well as crocodiles all produce shows... this is non a modern luxury zoo as well as I don't intend Alex would relish life here. So why the hell receive got I been to Phuket Thailand Map zoo three times? Well, it's for the kids. I can't deny my kids the risk to encounter some animals; I hateful existent life animals every bit opposed to what they tin encounter on Animal Planet. Last weekend was the outset fourth dimension for my boy (16 months old) as well as he was quite fascinated yesteryear things similar monkeys as well as elephants. My immature lady has been before, as well as loves to cheque out the crocodiles...

The zoo is most xv minutes create from Phuket Thailand Map Town, most 10 minutes from Chalong Jetty, downwards a side route that leads to the E coast. Further downwards the same route are a whole host of seafood restaurants. The entry fee is rather steep for tourists - 500 Baht (adults), 300 Baht (Kids). Local unusual residents tin larn far for the local cost - lxxx Baht. Were it non for that I would but expect inwards the car!

Inside, amid winding paths inwards the trees are cages, pens, pits, bars..the commons creature containment systems. There are large animals similar the tiger, elephants, camels, deer, crocs, a deportment or two, besides a multifariousness of birds, pocket-size mammals similar civets, as well as an airconditioned aquarium (small, as well as non every bit expert inwards whatsoever agency every bit the Phuket Thailand Map-zoo-should-you-visit">Phuket Thailand Map Aquarium on Cape Panwa), but on a hot 24-hour interval you lot may honour the aquarium rattling useful! They fifty-fifty receive got a wallaby or two, which my immature lady liked as well as ran off to tell mummy - "Mummy, I saw a Wobbly"! There are three shows - Monkey, Elephant as well as Crocodile, at regular intervals during the day. You'd demand to pass a expert pair of hours to encounter it all, along amongst the shows. This fourth dimension nosotros but saw the Monkey show. Monkey produce maths, monkey play basketball, orangutan ride bike, monkey pose amongst umbrella...the present is quite fun, but in that place is a rattling very annoying commentator who speaksveryfastkapandswitchesfromenglishtothaisawadeekapand (breathe) youarenotsurewhatthehellheissayingmostofthetime. Nearly every bit annoying every bit the Muay Thai announcements inwards Patong "Toniiiiight, Muay Thaaaaaaaaaaaai".

We receive got seen the elephant present before. Elephant stand upward on dorsum legs, elephant play ball, elephant walk over people, elephant p*ss on trainer. Then you lot tin feed them bananas as well as sit down on their dorsum for a photo. Then they are chained upward until the adjacent show...(see photo). The Crocodile actually but sentinel it inwards the promise that something volition larn wrong. Once the guy has set his caput inwards the crocs rima oris once, it gets a chip repetitive. The misspelling on the sign below volition hopefully non tempt fate...

Photos below all taken on Dominicus May 28th 2006

 the respond to that query is in all probability  Bangkok Map: <a href=Phuket Thailand Map Zoo" src=" Thailand Map-zoo-should-you-visit">Phuket Thailand Map Zoo - Should You Visit? (2013)

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