Bangkok Map: Eggbaconchipsandbeans

On the discipline of blogs. This i got noticed also in addition to he has published books. Makes me hungry. Such delicacies are difficult to notice inwards Thailand. Beans are OK. I accept constitute around expert tinned beans made inwards Malaysia. Eggs, no worries. Bacon, slow plenty to find..but it's the chips, oh the chips, that maketh the man. I hateful chips, non "fries". The eggbaconchipsandbeans weblog below is worth salivating over, in addition to I honey his comments such as:

"the chips are pale, interesting in addition to sprawling over the beans, the bacon has that irresistible combination of soggy in addition to crisp, the egg offers a multitude of heavenly textures, the beans are breaking out of their chemical compound similar feisty stallions."


Want expert egg, bacon, chips in addition to beans? Better larn to the UK...


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