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After spending three days inwards Bangkok eating the halal foodcourt nutrient which consist of yellowish rice (really yellow) in addition to chicken which basically their version of nasi ayam or chicken rice, I decided I require to await for THE nutrient courtroom where Elaine took us to. I remembered clearly its on the function yesteryear flooring of Mahboonkrong Mall (MBK).

Knowing the distance from my hotel, I decided to caput at that topographic point on Sabbatum instead for my luncheon earlier departing dorsum to Malaysia. And I prayed that the nutrient is every bit yummy every bit I remembered in addition to if it yet is, I excogitation to spider web log almost it (told myself strictly). That was how badly I wanted a nutrient that I tin dismiss relate to… (siap rindu nasi lemak, roti canai, satay, mee rebus bagai ok! Sangat kemaruk).

My hunt begin…

Got to MBK in addition to commencement looking for the nutrient court.

Oh yah, there's two foodcourt inwards MBK in addition to the i I went to is telephone telephone The FIFTH Food Avenue.

The FIFTH Food Avenue has slightly a unlike concept despite they purpose coupons. The steps in addition to T&C are every bit below.

And at that topographic point are four halal stalls hither for you lot to chose from in addition to I picked Jimbaran that sells Indonesian food.

The alternative is in addition to thence crazy in addition to yummeh that I accept difficulty inwards choosing.

Then there's Standard Arabic cuisine for you lot to choose.

And champaign there's an Indian stall every bit good :)

This stall was novel to me but I noticed that they fifty-fifty accept Halal sign on the poultry, in addition to thence it should last good.

And THIS, is my meal. Yeah! Not real creative but I only don't experience similar eating oily or yellowie stuff. Hhahahahaa.... it is super YUMMEH, trust me. Cost me a bomb though.

Cool, they fifty-fifty accept a survey shape which I rated adept in addition to excellent.

Options. Options. Options..... endeavour it if you lot are inwards this area. 

PS : Tuh je nak lift sebab upset giler ngan makanan for the concluding 4-5 days.


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