#Traveltips | How To Become To Agalico Garden & Tea Room Bangkok, Thailand (Pictorial)

I bring blogged before on Agalico Garden too Tea Room inwards Bangkok, Thailand, you lot tin read it HERE too depository fiscal establishment jibe out approximately of the pictures below. 

I bet approximately of you lot guys are curious on how to buy the farm to this beautiful enchanted house right, I hereby sharing too guiding you lot my 'how to buy the farm to...' inwards pictorial format. Hope this helps.

Garden sentiment lounge.

All white cafe.

1. Take the BTS prepare heading towards Bearing too stop at Thong Lo Station.

2. Thong Lo Station. The release shown inwards the circle indicates the BTS prepare cost.

3. Head towards the inwards a higher house edifice upon reaching Thong Lo Station or enquire the ticket counter the direction to Bangkok Prep School.

4. Get downward on the correct side of the station, you lot volition meet the Bangkok Prep School immediately.

5. Bangkok Prep School.

6. Walk farther downward later on Bangkok Prep School (7 mins walk).

7. After a 150-200 meter walk, plough correct at Soy 51.

8. You volition meet a white edifice that solid Agalico Garden too Tea Room (3 mins walk from the junction).

9. Agalico Garden & Tea Room Bangkok!

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