3 Best Things Virtually Going Home

Appropriately, today marks the initiative of all of the Year of the Dragon inward the Chinese zodiac.  Some of the predictions for this lunar year are 'for nifty deeds, innovative ideas in addition to large projects...that it volition convey excitment...and hand happiness in addition to success to expert honest people'.

Sounds similar the perfect initiative of all for us when nosotros larn back!

So inward the spirit of looking forward, here is our listing of our '3 Best Things About Going Home': 

3.  New Beginnings.

No doubt, at that spot volition endure a lot of changes inward shop for us when nosotros larn back.  

Our eldest volition endure starting kindergarten/Prep inward February, in addition to the youngest volition attend pre-school/kinder a few sessions a week.  The kids also desire to enrol inward extra-curricular activities, such every bit ballet, swimming, in addition to gymnastics.  We’ll reckon how that goes, but they are both in addition to hence excited.

And at that spot are also the renovations nosotros yet select planned for our house.  'Big project' indeed!

Then there's the trivial affair of 'work'.... 

'New Beginnings' volition definitely endure a prevailing topic for us for a spell nosotros think!

2.  Friends in addition to Family.

Absence makes the pump grow fonder, they say.  And our twelvemonth away has made us appreciate our friends in addition to hence much more.  We are fortunate to select made a nifty bunch of friends through other parents in addition to their children, through the neighbourhood in addition to through work.  

And having merely discovered the concept of ‘cousins’, the kids are keen to larn to know their Australian identify unit of measurement ameliorate too.   

A year’s a long fourth dimension though, in addition to hence nosotros can't hold back to reckon in addition to require heed how everyone’s been.  There’s fifty-fifty a duet of novel babies to meet!

1.  Our House.

Our habitation is past times no way a castle, but it's our haven in addition to nosotros beloved it there.  The kids can’t hold back to select their backyard, amongst their swing set, trampoline in addition to cubby line solid to play on.  But most of all, they are bursting amongst excitement to beingness able to ride their bikes in addition to scooter merely about our street.

The kids are also are looking forwards to their sleeping accommodation in addition to beds back.

And Jim in addition to I are counting the days until nosotros slumber inward our ain bed again.  Ahhh-- it volition endure heaven!! Maybe it's our 'old bones' but definitely the major drawback of this past times twelvemonth has been that almost all the beds that we’ve slept on were CRAP!  

This is our terminal post service 'on the road'--we'll endure catching our terminal bird of this trip tomorrow, homeward bound.  

Stay tuned though—we’ll endure writing close our integration back into Australian social club in addition to  update you lot 1 time we’re dorsum every bit to whether it was all every bit expert every bit we’d expected!

Chinese New Year's Day Dragon Dance at Siam, Bangkok

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