Cool Dessert Cafes Inward Bangkok, Thailand

I'm BAAAAAACK!!!!!!!!

Err.... when did I become missing, the final entry was exclusively yesterday.

Me, sum of drama (minah propa much?)!!!


Anyway, been doing a serial of serious/mature/educational entries (ceh waaah - duh) that I experience at that spot is a require for me to pause the cycle amongst this yuuuuuummeh-licious entry (please emphasize where necessary) addition it's Eid Adha tomorrow which is a s(r)eason for Malaysian to celebrate (read : swallow ie an excuse to indulge equally nosotros telephone outcry upward them [us]).

As I cause got been frequenting Bangkok easily to a greater extent than than 10, 15, xx times perhaps (double checking passport stamps), I honestly cause got ran out of ideas of things to do. Think virtually it, what else produce yous desire me to encompass (aside that the final trip was on work), thence the best possible affair to produce is to notice a novel activity, a BRAND-NEW-CREATIVE activity. So, this is how it started....

One solar daytime I was busy scrolling my twitter together with I saw a retweet from Diana Teo of Travel together with Living Journal of DT on cafes inwards Bangkok. Hemmm... I decided to give it a peep, it showcases 10 must drop-by dessert cafes inwards Bangkok. My oh my! All the desserts expect so yummeh (while at the same fourth dimension checking my breadbasket together with doing mental arithmetics of all the fatty I volition hold upward indulging [and carbohydrate too, together with also cholesterol!]) BUT!!!! But but..... to all my friends/family/readers/followers, I OWE it to yous guys to at to the lowest degree recce the venue together with give an update (drama [eyes rolling]). The to the lowest degree I tin do, hahhahahaa.....

PS : I cause got hyperlinked the cafe's URL or Facebook page for slow reference.

Here goes...

1. After You Dessert Cafe

I tried this cafe inwards my before trip exactly at that spot was no photographic boob tube camera amongst me then, it is similar telling me to 'please swallow together with lay on weight' again... It's a SIGN!

Yummeh to the max, similar actually MAX! But produce cause got note, the constituent is rather huge so produce percentage unless weight is non an final result (benci ok!).

2. Chocolate Lab

Calling chocolate addict! Calling chocolate addict! Where are you???

Cocoa rush hour! All yous tin eat! Hemm... It took groovy volition ability to non halt together with swallow hither equally I was staying inwards this really same hotel. Reminded myself every five minutes non to hold upward manipulated past times the cocoa smell, the promo, the decor together with the sampling. Mean sales girl! Mean! Mean! Hehehehhehe....

3. Mr. Jones' Orphanage

I was cheated, they are no orphanage. Loadsa teddy demeanour though, similar loadsaaaaaa. Their seating was kinda pocket-sized together with narrow exactly the selections of desserts were groovy together with kinda cute, they cause got all the funny names together with all. Don't believe me? Check my keek below together with run into for yourself :)

4. Agalico Garden together with Tea Room

Agalico require no introduction equally I've weblog virtually it HERE equally good equally how-to-get to this place, read the entry HERE. And non to forget, I keek-ed it equally good :)

I cause got hyperlinked the cafes' URL or Facebook page for slow reference.
More pictures are available at my Facebook page, click HERE.


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