Updated: Deadly Protests Inwards Bangkok

Today's protests turned ugly hither inward Bangkok, alongside the electrical current agree of injured at around 700, together with 10-11 dead (depending on your word source) UPDATE: BBC at 1 time reporting twenty dead, including a Japanese reporter, together with closed to 850 injured. I didn't innovation to larn anywhere close the protests today - virtually of the redshirts were amassed about Siam Square together with the major commercial malls - but my seemingly innocuous plans of spending fourth dimension alongside my friend Anjie were derailed when nosotros flora ourselves smack inward the gist of protests again. With me was my friend Sean, who had come upwards to the Khao San surface area to endeavor together with uncovering his birthday acquaint to himself: a guitar. We each got a piddling to a greater extent than than nosotros bargained for.

initial cerise shirts coverage is genuinely a stone's throw away from the top dog tourist district of Khao San road, together with today both converged alongside terrible results for Thailand. The reds mobilised close Kok Woa intersection, merely off Khao San itself, spell on Thanon Tanao (perpendicular to the intersection) Earth forces together with reds faced off spell curious tourists took pictures of them both. Late afternoon, a armed services helicopter flew over Kok Woa, dropping leaflets telling people to disperse every bit the Earth forces was coming to claim the surface area back.

Violence Erupts inward Thai Streets together with on the aftermath: After Clashes, Thai Standoff Deepens.
- The Nation on yesterday: Our Darkest Hour.
- That BBC article alongside video from yesterday has been updated to reverberate the transcend count of 18, non ix people.
- Disturbing video together with analysis from Patrick Winn at the Global Post: Hostages, Corpses later on Political Clash inward Bangkok.
- Reuters' tribute to Hiro Muramoto, the Japanese journalist who was killed inward yesterday's protests.
- Simon Montlake inward CSM on the crackdown.
- Nick Koleszar's Thailand140 posts on the crackdown are extremely thorough.


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