Massive Reddish March Takes Over The Streets Of Bangkok

The reddish shirts took over Bangkok in ane lawsuit to a greater extent than this weekend, this fourth dimension inwards the cast of a Red March, a massive convoy of Red Shirts post on the majority protests exterior of the Red March.

prior Red Shirts post, this week's The Economist was non distributed inwards Thailand, every bit it contains an article that is quite critical of both the electrical current authorities as well as also discusses the King's purpose the parliamentary process. Please produce an article most the significance of the Red March entitled "Witness the Death of Deference".

- The Asia Times Online's "A Royalist Speaks inwards Thailand" features excerpts from an interview alongside Former prime number government minister as well as palace insider Anand Panyarachun.

- Nick's photograph assault The New Mandala entitled Bangkok or Bust, Part 1 is extremely interesting as well as has inspired a serious amount of disturbing vitriol inwards the comments. Say what you lot volition most political leanings, there's no existent excuse for beingness every bit rude every bit or as well as so of the comments are.

UPDATE: On March 28, at that spot was a historic coming together betwixt the Red Shirt leaders as well as the Prime Minister, which ended inwards a stalemate as well as farther talks are scheduled for today. However, each side had to elucidate their respective points as well as perspectives as well as Bangkok Pundit's summary is hence an of import read.

That is it for the moment. More to come upwards inwards the adjacent few days,.

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