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Belief is an indispensable thing.

When I first started working on blogging for money, I had the great belief that I could make money with this job, and that helped me to make the first money.

Making money with blogs at the beginning is really new and it's vague . . So if you do not have faith, you will quickly get discouraged and give up. 

I am very persistent with my blogging job because I know that blogging for money is a job that does not require much investment, no need to sell yourself and so you never fear losses.

Of course, blogging to make money is not a mere imitation of those who have gone before. If so maybe everyone is rich and make as much money as "the object wants to"

Writing a professional blog should be a long process, learning from the front manners, creating and exploring your own paths. As a matter of fact, each person will choose a niche market to start a blogging job, and so each reader is completely different.

Because of that, many of you find money making guide with blog "just for the purpose of making money" will be very difficult to earn the first money. They find niches in the market that are extremely competitive such as smartphones, laptops, making money online, offering discount codes ... simply because of these areas people are making a lot of money and having people great interest.

Some time later, when difficulties began to appear, limited traffic, money not earned, passionate about the field is also not, most of them give up.

Make Money With Blogs: "Do not Think About Money"

It sounds contradictory and you think I'm kidding? But that truth is the secret behind the huge income of the famous blogger.

Even if you start blogging for the sake of making money, forget about money. Focusing on providing value to the reader, then money will come to you, not in another way.

I borrow this statement from another blogger to send to you instead of the long explanation.

Those who engage with the goal at all costs often have the same question: What do you do? How do you sell? Do you run ads?

Assuming that you answer all of your questions, are you sure you will make money when customers and readers on your blog completely different customers and readers?

Instead of asking these questions, you should focus on what your customers and readers expect from your blog:

⧫ Quality content to solve their troubles
⧫ The benefits that customers get when reading blogs
⧫ Community building
⧫ Learn the prospect's likeness
⧫ Build relationships with bloggers in the same field

... ..
The most important thing when building a blog is that you have to understand what your readers and customers need, so you can get money out of their pocket.

In Zig Ziglar's book "The Art of Selling Higher Education," the famous American salesman, he has a sentence that I very much like, that is

... ..

⟾ You can get everything in life if you know how to help others achieve what they want.

This applies to making money with Blog 100% right!

Remember that when you want to make money with a blog, customers and readers are the first thing you pay attention to, not the money.

Getting started is not as hard as you think.

First you have to build a "house on the net", actually this is the registration of a domain + hosting package and installation blog.

This operation is difficult to understand, it is very simple and can complete in a relatively short time, the document is out on the network.

Choose a niche that meets the criteria that a blogger needs: Passion.

One day spent many hours sitting in front of the computer just researched the keyword and wrote the long post.

High commission? What's not to advertise?

The initial criteria is marketing for $ 0, trying to SEO keywords to top Google.

From the knowledge of economics taught at university I can draw the conclusion:

As long as the commission for a conversion is greater than the cost of the ad for that conversion, you still have a profit

I thought, "Why do not I apply that way? Writing blogs makes money is a business, also generate revenue - that profit? "

I started learning Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, learning how to sasaran potential customers for blogging and running ad campaigns.

There are still so many friends in the group as well as newbie asking: "Should Facebook, Google ads?"

For others I do not know, but for my personal answer very sincerely that:

That depends entirely on your sales tactics. For example, if you sell a product whose commission is $ 30 per product, then there is no reason why you write the article and wait for customers to come and buy.

Provided that you optimize the percentage of ROI (net profit margin). To run a good ad, you need to learn more skills such as:

➽ Optimization landing page
➽ Learn about remarketing
➽ Always improve content
➽ At the beginning, you can also accept a loss for the test, in order to find a good quality customer list for future ad run, you will be profitable. (Like making money with T-shirts)

Another advantage of Google Adwords advertising is that keyword rankings will improve quickly if you spend money on advertising that article (but you must first invest in good content), as it will pull traffic. to your blog.

Always select the Buyer Keyword to run the ad

For Google Adwords, it should only run ads for keywords where the customer was at the last step of the purchase.

Example: You are selling a black garlic machine, between the two keywords "black garlic cleaning machine" and "best black garlic machine" you will choose keywords to run ads?

Of course the "best black garlic machine" because someone searching for this term meant they were very likely looking for a black garlic machine. For the first word, they may already have the product and only find information to refer to the cleaning of the machine.

Always look for ways to optimize

For Facebook Ads you need to sasaran the audience correctly to reduce costs, and that is what you have to learn.

Want to be like that you have to know your customers who they are? Write the name you feel most suited to the product you are advertising and research all their disabilities. Learn how to sasaran a standard audience to run ads at the lowest possible cost.

After implementing the advertising campaign, I remember how excited I was when the first conversion occurred. The feeling is like a pursuit of a person so long ago that he agreed to accept as his lover

5 ways to help me increase conversion rates

Optimizing conversions from non-purchasers to customers is an obvious job when your blog has the first customers.

For blogging to make money, when you earn $ 1, then you earn $ 5, $ 10 or even $ 50 is the work of your ability.

Some ways you can refer, let's look at each one to follow, so remember, only action and practice will make you progress faster.

➽ Pixel and Remarketing
➽ Build a community and build quality email lists
➽ Serving customers instead of just selling
➽Reward tactics

➽Optimize conversion pages

Either way, you can study online or buy courses on Kyna or Edumall's quality instructors. You can also refer to many foreign blogging experts on the array to read the tutorial, share their experiences.

Remember to look for courses that are taught by trainers who have experience and experience in the field, since the cramped course is now countless.

Since this article is primarily for the newbie, the most important thing for you now is how to get the first conversion. Therefore, this in-depth knowledge may not be an issue so please share in another article.

I hope now you have more motivation to be able to stick with the path that you have chosen. Writing blogs for money is not difficult, but it needs a lot of knowledge. And what you have to keep is faith and passion, get these things you believe will someday succeed.

Blogging is one of the few things that people can make money with their passion. Is not that the job you are looking for? But the journey of thousands of miles always starts with the first step. So stop thinking and act now if your passion is rising!

If you like the article and feel comfortable with it, share it, connect with yourself on Facebook, or leave a comment below. I will try to answer all your questions. Thank you for reading a long post like this and coming here. See you soon.

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