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You are a novice, the following possibilities may well be happening to you:

➽ A bunch of messy knowledge on the internet. You go to Google to find tips on making money online, and you come across a variety of forms, with the knowledge seems to be zero, I assert you can not realize what kind of pursuit.

➽ Lose money: If there is no direction and specific guidance, you will have to leave your pocket money to test this form, the other and you will feel "money is not earned yet lose money "

➽ You do not have the right mindset about MMOs: This is IMPORTANT, if you do not have the right thinking, your thoughts will always come to a standstill, you take the wrong steps and soon give up !!!

➽ You do not know what to start with: Not just passion, there are different forms of skill and capital, you have to combine many elements to choose the right form for you.

➽ And a series of other obstacles, all of which will be able to pull you down with a "pit of failure" if you are a lack of energy and determination!

And why do you know this?

Because I also like you !!!

Everybody starts from zero, and I'm no exception, 3 years ago I went to google and found a bunch of information online, now over 3 years, the information becomes more messy .

I started with the google hit "make money online", "MMO forms for newbies," "make money online prestige" ... to find out the information:

+ MMO or also called make money online really exist?

+ What forms of income can generate sustainable and long-term income?

+ With the knowledge as well as the current capital should start with which method?

+ Right direction, orientation at the beginning?

+ The causes of failure MMO, from which to draw experience?

I saw the capcha, I see the offer, I saw the ad click, I found the survey, ..... I have tried some similar forms, and .... that is the choice Mistake, after 1-2 months of trying, I feel "being exploited labor", I am "hired labor" for others, not build the future with a source of sustainable income. yourself created.

The good news is that I do not go into this form of MMO "bad" like this, I still call it MMO because it can also earn money (several thousand dollars a day @. @) If you do not want to say It is better to work as a hired laborer!

But whatever I make the right decision, is to look for the form of prestige to do, the form that I "must do for myself rather than plowing for others," and thank god, I was Find out and try some methods to help you get the initial results.

In the process of learning and practice, I claim to make real money online and in this series will prove to you that most clearly.

Remove MMO without MMO ???

Because there is not a specific document thinking about MMO, so I see most people start to choose the basic MMO form, risky and make very little money as PTC, capcha. , offer, investment, survey, ... because new people so you like the simple, easy to do. Y like me so: v

The "easy" does not give you anything but a little money, even more scam you have lost, and you can not grow long with these forms.

Many of you are even fooled all the money, washed clean up through the exhausted white nights to hit the capcha, the day click advertising or recruiting people, or blind offer, .

Many "flax" a little more think of how to "spleen" rules and earn a little more but not be long

After a short time, you feel "drowning", and there are many cases: MMO gradually come back to forget, even bad impression that did not earn money but also cheated!

I call this: Leave MMO (work for hire) without MMO (do it for you) !!!

If you fall into this category, do not blame yourself, but because you "choose the wrong person to trust," you see the guidelines for these little MMO forms on Google, and you follow the instructions of the person. Other like a machine.


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