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Hello! In this article I will guide you how to register a Remitano account and conduct account authentication with your personal information to be able to start trading / selling Bitcoin at this exchange.
What is Remitano?
When you want to buy or sell Bitcoin you need to join a trading floor, and Remitano is the biggest trading platform today. Here you can register an account, then you can use usd money to buy the corresponding Bitcoin amount from the seller.

Or you can sell your bicoin at Remitano for usd money. All transactions on Remitano are fully automatic and transfer via bank transfer
Remitano account registration guide
Registering an account at Remitano is relatively straightforward BUT as this is a Bictoin trading platform, you need to validate your account to qualify for the transaction to proceed.

Right below I will guide you step by step to do it!
Step 1: Prepare registration documents and authentication
In order to register and successfully validate your account at Remitano you need to prepare:

Your personal email address (most commonly used address)
Bank account (with internet banking function - not a visa card) to transfer money when buying Bitcoin or receiving money when selling Bitcoin.
Step 2: Register Remitano account
First at Remitano's homepage  You choose "Login / Sign Up"
Next enter your email address and click "Continue"
Soon afterwards Remitano will announce that you have sent an email with your registration link as below!
Now open your mail, will see the email as below. Click the "Sign me in Remitano" button.
You will immediately be redirected to the page asking for your alias, entering your name or nickmane (comma-delimited).
Click "Continue"
Step 3: How to authenticate your Remitano accountNow in the login page of the Remitano account you need to select the hidangan "Settings"
Then in the section "Security Authy" you click "Enable"
Soon you will be provided a QR code and an authentication key
For QR codes, you need to use your phone and download the Google Authenticator app (download it on AppStore or Goolge Play).
Once you've downloaded and installed the Google Authenticator app, you need to use QR code scanning to scan the code above. From now on every Google Authenticator application transaction will generate a sequence of 6 numbers for authentication (every 30 seconds, 6 digits will change 1 time).
Su when scanned QR code with the Google Authenticator app, you will have the authentication code to enter the "Authy authentication code" (see above).
For the key authentication, you can record and save somewhere to prevent the latter lost phone or accidentally deleted the application can be used to recover nhé. (Remember to keep this information confidential, do not let anyone know you)
Finally press the button "Authy Security"

Authy Security Notice has been "ON"
Now you continue to select "Profile" to conduct information authentication.
1. In the "Name" field enter your name under the identity card !
2. Phone number authentication
Scroll down, select "Add phone number"
A popup appears. You choose Vietnam, then enter your phone number
Click "Continue"
Immediately you will receive a message, including 4 numbers of authentication. Enter these 4 numbers and click "Validate".
3. Validate account status
As mentioned at the beginning of the article because the transaction at Remitano is a transfer of money and cash usd to buy, sell Bitcoin so the system requires authentication of personal information very strict. Pictures must be clear, not over the correct ....
You need to prepare 4 pictures as follows: (Note the images below Jade has blurred personal information, when you use the photo, you need to capture clearly)
Driver license photo, passport (This is a secondary identifier)

Two-sided identity card (This is the main identification document)

Prepare a paper with the words "Remitano Verification", then put your ID card on top and take a picture like below.
Hold the ID card on your hand and "happy" a picture as below (look slightly but confirm procedures that
Ok, when you have all 4 photos as above on "Profile". Click on "Upload Document"
Then if you receive the message as below, your account has been successfully authenticated. If they are wrong, they will also be notified to you
In "Profile" click "Update profile" to complete offline. You can now buy Bicoin on Remitano.
Bitcoin Buying Guide on RemitanoTo buy or sell Bitcoin you need just go back to the buy / sell hidangan and select the item accordingly. Most transactions on Remitano are via bank transfer online
After clicking the buy button you will be redirected to the purchase page.
Here on the Buy Now tab:

Enter the number of BitCon in the box, the exchange rate will be automatically converted to USD immediately below
Paste your Bitcoin address in the box next to it
Then select the seller, you should choose the first
The next interface will inform you that you have 15 minutes to make the transfer to the seller (after 15 minutes if no automatic transfer, the purchase order will be canceled).

When transferring, you will need to enter the correct account number
Transfer the right amount (no excess, no missing a penny)
The content of the transfer also need to copy exactly the content that Remitano provided for you
After you successfully transfer money, it will take less than 1 minute for the transaction to be automatically marked as shown below and you will receive the Bitcoin number you bought on your Bitcoin wallet, everything is automatic.
Many of you first buy Bitcoin often worry that the money is finished, the seller does not send BTC to you. Regarding this issue you are assured that Remitano is the middleman, all sales processes have been confirmed by Remitano and the process is as follows:

When you make a purchase order, the seller's entire Bitcoin number will be retained by Remitano
After Remitano receives the money you transfer to the Bank, the Remitano system will retrieve the corresponding Bitcoin number for you,
Then Remitano will send the USD amount to the seller, so the transaction is complete.
If you are having troubles such as wrong money transfer, wrong content transfer, difficult transaction you can chat live with Remitano staff in English in the right hand corner of the screen for support.
Guide to selling Bitcoin & withdraw USD on Bank account
Above you have bought bitcoin, now if you want to sell it can also be done on the floor remitano offline. After the sale you can withdraw the usd amount to your bank account within 2 minutes.

The process of selling Bitcoin on Remitano will take place in the following process:

1. You choose buyers on Remitano
2. Make a sale order (enter the number of bitcoin you want to sell).
3. Transfer the bitcoin to the buyer's wallet (if bitcoin is in the remitano wallet).
4. The sale order is confirmed when the buyer receives the bitcoin
5. The $ amount is added to your $ Remitano wallet
6. You withdraw $ on bank account
We will now proceed with the Bitcoin sale process.

First login to your Remitano account, click on the "Sell Now"
You will then be taken to the start page at the transaction, where if you have already added bank account information then click "Continue". (If not added, you will be asked for more account information.)
Next page you enter the amount of Bitcoin you want to sell (the system will automatically convert to USD right below under the rate at the time of sale.

Right below that will appear all those who are looking to buy Bitcoin, you should choose the person with the "instant transaction" icon and through the bank.

Click the "Sell Now" button in the corresponding line of buyers.
You will then be redirected to the new page, which will have the buyer's Bitcoin address. You need to transfer Bitcoin to this wallet address for them.
Ok, here I am going to transfer the Bitcoin number I want to sell to the above wallet address for the buyer.

After the transaction is completed, the transaction will complete (see below). This means that the buyer has already received the Bitcoin number. You also see the amount updated in $ purse (bottom left corner).

To withdraw $ on your bank account, simply press the "Withdraw $" button in purple.

Next you need to select the account number you want to withdraw money, (can press + to add account information)
Enter the amount you want to withdraw. Click "Confirm"
Check the amount and the last account information, if ok then press "Confirm" to carry out the withdrawal.
After that, about 2 minutes, the status of the transaction to "Delivered" is that you have received money on the bank account then.
At this point you check the bank account will see the new money received, if you have registered to receive message notification service will also see the message receiving money as below.

The process has come to an end!

Have you signed up for a Remitano account to purchase Bitcoin? The process of registration and confirmation of information is difficult please leave comments below to help me the fastest !


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