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Yesterday i just received a question that: How to make money from blog without SEO?

A question goes against all that we are doing, people who are daily making money from blogs. Most, less or more of us have to SEO.


You know that SEO is not a simple task, it requires persistence and takes time to see results. So is there a way to increase traffic for blogs without SEO?

It is ... spend money to advertise. This article will share with you how to use paid advertising to grow your blog sustainably.

At the end of the article, you will also be able to understand the process of turning your website visitors into customers.
Run ads -> Keep readers with blog content -> Make them leave email addresses -> Sales

This is how you can make money from blogs without SEO. An overall process and you see running ads are the best way to get customers to your blog for the first time.

But even if the ad brings a high traffic, you probably will not be able to make a profit from blogging if you do not follow a series of processes later.

So i want to share with you soon ...
If your blog does not have good content you will surely lose if you use ads to attract traffic.


There is no reason for readers to come back or subscribe to your email list while your blog content ... has nothing worth reading.

So how to create good content?

The best way is to look for good content in the same subject of your blog and do better than they are doing.

BuzzSumo is a tool that can help you find the best article. When accessing BuzzSumo you just type in the keyword you want to search.

For example i want to build a blog with the subject "beauty"

After typing the keyword "beauty" into the search box, BuzzSumo will show you the best content that many people are interested in BuzzSumo statistics.
At this point you need to see how well the content has done and you need to do better by:

Build deeper content (number of words in more posts)
Add more images that are more relevant to the content
Build a video (if possible)
Write content with more recent proof and data
The layout of the article is more standard
If you build good article content, you will give the reader a reason to stay read the article. Moreover, this is also how you are making your blog get high rankings on search engines. Accidentally you have SEO as never before SEO ...
There are currently 2 options for you to run ads that drive traffic to your blog, which is Facebook or Google Adwords.

However Facebook advertising is easier to set up and more importantly much cheaper. So for the purpose of attracting users to the blog, Facebook advertising seems to be an advantage for newbies.

The most important thing when running Facebook ads is that you need to know the right sasaran audience. If your ad does not reach the right user, you are not only wasting your budget, but you can not make money from your blog even if your content is great.

For example, your blog has content about beauty guides, but your ads reach out to bloggers who make money blogging is like ... failure.

Thankfully Facebook allows ads to run based on user preferences. When you install your ads, you can sasaran exactly the audience you want
Implementing a Facebook ad is relatively straightforward
Do not forget to take advantage of remarketing by creating a pixel code to pursue the user on your blog.
Remarketing ads help to show repeat ads to people who have previously visited your blog, reminding them of the product or service you want to sell on your blog.
Once you've got traffic to your blog and you're confident that your content is engaging, it's not too difficult for the user to leave the email.

However, to make this more successful you need to create an "upgraded version" of your content. This is a "lure" to users "more enthusiastic" to subscribe to the email list.

For example, if you write a tutorial on beauty, why not create a video to encourage them to sign up for an email, then send them a video and you have an excuse to market your products or services. other.
Once the user has accepted the subscription to your email list, this is where you need to slowly turn them into customers.

The best way is still to use email marketing automatically. However, you need to remember:
The goal of email marketing is to build trust and provide value. Sales is job then!
When you have confidence from the customers then they will certainly accept your product or service whenever it is recommended so do not rush and sell the product right from the beginning.
It is important to experiment with different types of email content, spacing and delivery time, email headers as well as a note if you want to increase email open rates and click and link links.
The above are 4 steps to make money from blogs without SEO. You can apply and test yourself, but remember:

Ads will not interact well if you do not have compelling content, want your users to stay in your blog, and trust you to provide value to them.

Turning user into a customer needs a regular email marketing process, putting the value of information first. When selling you need to make:
Clients do not realize you are selling new is an art!


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