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Are you a lover of freedom? You do not want to be confined in a framework or work with a hard boss and a boring job that sometimes has to run a lot of money to get it from 9 am to 5 pm? You are tired of the early morning out of the house to the company already caught the traffic jam. Do you feel cramped, out of control over your life? Okay, the solution for you: Building an online business system gives you the freedom to do whatever you want with just one laptop and internet connection.

The first lesson in my business: You have to run a business where you are not there, it's still a quiet money machine for you - Adam Khoo

In this blog, you will share important keys so that you can build up an online business empire and help you freedom. But what I want to emphasize here is that we build a silent printer for both you and me, not you create a job and get stuck in it. I am a freelancer, maybe you too are reading this blog: p. When I was 17 years old, I read the book by Adam Khoo, a Singapore entrepreneur, speaker, millionaire, and I learned how to automate and model my business and life to FREEDOM. . I choose digital products because of the automation and the ability to generate passive income is very high

Many people mistakenly think that business is making money. This is a false thinking. When you focus on making money, you will have to use the energy, time to trade. The top 1% winners focus on building the system and the money machine for themselves. And to do this, monetization is not important and in order of priority, you will need to prepare the first key.

Key 1: Reforming the top 1%

In the early days of business, I was struggling to make money. I'm worried, thinking about the future, and wondering why I can not sell so many orders, why are so many people just posting on facebook are people buying fences? And then, after a night of thinking, I figured out the crux of the problem. If I'm too focused on making money, I will be dependent, becoming weak, pale. I forgot my inner growth, opening my eyes, thinking of money. Well, it's okay, because life is full, and pressure is suppressed, but my friend, if you are also thinking, worried it. Learn how to overcome yourself. Money is the result of a value chain that you bring to the niche. I had to go back and re-read the book: White-Handed Secrets to Adam Khoo's Millionaire to Remember 9 Habits of Millionaire. I realized that before reaching the first $ 10,000 goal on the internet, I had to have the skills and habits of a top 1% marketer. And one of the first thoughts of this top 1% I can share with you: WORKING IN THE HAPPY NEW YEAR. 
This blog is the most obvious proof, I always bring the most value for readers
Stay in the first key is to re-system yourself to have top 1% group thinking. Why must be the top 1%, because only the top 1% is the real success, they have money, freedom, time ... I had to review, review myself My habits are restraining me with the zombie group, out of the ordinary, I focus on successful people like Tony Robbins, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson. They are all human beings of action, and aggressive action during compression will deliver great results for you.

I also find out who the product dealers they often do? And I realize that they write blogs, write emails, video on youtube regularly. And I do like them, I spend time researching, reading and blogging, video recording. Can you guess my results right?;)) ???

There is one thing I would like to share with you that your future within the next 3 years will depend on the actions you take from 20 hours to 23 hours. For a common person, they accept a life of cramp, they go to work a hard boss, struggling, tired, but come home at night, they do not spend time upgrading themselves, they lie out of bed, watching news, feature films, cramming disgusting things, poisoning into their brains. And their system is blocked, failing in the mind. You are the person who chooses, re-organizes your self, improves the value of the person, learns the habits of top 1% successors or accepts living under the norm, hurts the people around you. . I am never negotiating, soft, with goals and standards. Because my family, my parents, my brothers and sisters deserve the best quality of life I will bring to them.

You decide ... 1 ... 2 .... 3 ... If you resolutely rise, aspire to success, systematize your life, continue reading this article. Or you can stop here, because I do not write a blog post for the superficial, but with themselves. When you are not aware of your vision, goals, mission, standards, your life will be like floating at sea without seeing the lighthouse.

Okay, you keep reading, I'm going to give you a few bonuses when joining the online digital product business:

1. Blogging regularly: You must have a blog to send value to your niche, be it share tips, tips, recipes. This will help you promote your merk very much.

2. Time-strict management: All the top 1% successors I know, they all manage very strict time, do not spend any minute 1 minute for triviality, nonsense. Yesterday, I also talked to my brother who was also my employee when I had to wait for my brother 5 minutes to meet my partner. Immediately, in my head is a thought, if more than 5 minutes, I will meet with my partner. Why, because my time is money, is blood in the body. I will not let it be wasted on nameless things 

3. Successful environment: You must always be aware, the environment will create your successful people. Surrounded my room, pictures and photos of the top 1% of teachers, it was Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Billgate, Peng joon. I can clearly feel the change when I choose the habitat of success, internal strength, my energy increased a lot, income also multiplied x3, x4 after months.

Key 2: Systematize the team top 1%

Well, finish the first key with a successful environment. Until today, after having had a certain degree of financial success as well as in life, I can assure you, the greatest resources have helped me move forward in any difficult circumstance. Which is the successful environment, a good team. I was a very high self-esteem, I thought, I would succeed alone. Even my top 1% mentor, Adam Khoo, has said that you can not succeed alone. Bill Gates is a must have for a Microsoft supporter behind, or Warren Buffett. Also, my personal mentor is Charlie Munger.

I have started the journey to build a business empire online. On that road, I met great friends, generosity, dreams. In part, I find myself fortunate that there are people who understand their ambition and fight with me. However, luck only happens when you act.

When there is a support team, you will focus on your strengths to develop it to the maximum. Remember, when you try to do everything in one system, you will suffocate

⧫ You can not play with a person who does not share vision, thinking, and ambition. They will not support you. So learn to love yourself and choose who you play, if not, in the long run, you will always be at the 99% level of mediocrity struggling with life out there.

⧫ Sincere, sincere and long-term play: To me, sincerity, sincerity for a relationship is very important, because in addition to a relationship, maybe, I will cooperate with them in business, doing business. But if you doubt each other, you can never do it. So, so that I can find sincere relationships, honestly, I always take the initiative to be a sincere person, honest. I am very interested in who is your real friend. And one more thing, I'm never afraid of losing in a relationship, I take the initiative, I help them, and I do not expect anything back, and this is the quality of a person. group top 1%. Do not expect too much, and then, I'm sure you will, your relationships will help you a lot to leverage the success that awaits you.

⧫ Build a top 1% team: okay, after you're sure there are friends in the same direction, can trust, they support your dreams, your vision. Suggest a business idea that you can join hands, contribute, build a unique empire. Do not be too cumbersome team, just under 4 people. Left can hire freelancer or employee. Make sure you are the one who does the best job, and your partner is the same. This is the key to systematize the top 1% team and move toward business freedom

Key 3: Automated ATM machine

The last part, is the part you most looking forward to. You got me to reveal the first two keys and now, start building the system to create the money machine for you. When you have a strong team, do not hesitate to set a goal that is three times higher than $ 10,000. In business, I always choose the internet as the easiest environment to develop. The technology is changing, the period of information, you open a cafe or eatery, it is difficult to compete and force you to be present to handle the huge workload.

But with the digital product business model I always encourage people to do, with just one laptop, internet connection and a top 1% team. You sell goods all over the world or throughout Vietnam but just sitting in your own room. It's a technological lever. Then how can we create a business automation system that turns it into an ATM machine that prints money for you every night. First, you have to remember this, after I learned dozens of very expensive courses in the world . I conclude one thing : IF YOU CAN SEND MONEY ON THE INTERNET, WHAT YOU MUST SELL .

Try to think, what can we sell, go to the information product, maybe a skill you own, a formula you have to work hard. For example, dog pembinaan methods, or evaluation, introduction of products such as hosting, domain name ... That is the information products, without spending too much capital to invest that brings. Very high liquidity for you. Here are some ideas I will show you to create an automated trading system:

⧫ Determine your business idea, as I said before, to earn money, you have to have ideas for sales, a product to solve a duduk kasus of a niche market, can be taught play golf, teach cooking, teach money online

⧫ Start creating blogs and value chain to send to your customers. They are hungry for information, our mission is to educate the market, publish quality information and interact with customers.

⧫ Set up an automated customer care email marketing system. Imagine, you create 10 daily customer care letters, does this make you more competitive than your competitors? Surely there is ... That is the secret that I made tens of thousands of dollars coming from the internet!

Conclusion: Throughout my business years, I have always sought freedom. When thinking of the taste of freedom, it was a slice of mango ripened through my taste buds. I am confident that this blog has given you important keywords to prepare you for the spirit and practice of your own freedom. Want you to be free at work, want you free in life, you are always the captain of your life, take action to demand that freedom, because you deserve Worth it. 


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