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When it comes to ways to increase website traffic or increase traffic, there are countless ways, from "clean" to "dirty" to "dirty". But there are five ways to increase views for a very effective and "extremely" website that no one else can tell you

This is a question that I am sure someone who owns a website / blog has ever encountered. There are many ways but here are five ways I personally apply for increased traffic on the site. And more or less, it also has the practical effect of helping my website increase 150% of user traffic in the first three months of operation.

Hope this article will help you in the first step to promoting your website in the most effective way.

For many people, maybe the following article will shock you, even if there are thoughts that conflict with the author, you should carefully consider before reading this article.


It sounds a little weird right? Although we do not put links, but when we post a recruiting for the website, people who want to find a job will visit your website. Recruiting or not entirely your decision, in return your website will have a fairly good number of people who want to get a job.

Recruitment suggestions: Collaborators write articles, select people design logo, interface, banner, correct errors, input, translate, ...

Note: It is important that you name your article an attractive way for your customers to be interested in your website rather than the article you post.

For example: " recruited expert writers with an abc, xyz ...."

Describing a high recruitment criterion can be frustrating for many candidates, but they will not ask questions about what the job site is about. They will type in the search kafetaria to get to your site just to ... See what the "experts" posted.

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To offer to cooperate with someone, you need to text them, you will attach their persistence to the article proposing that cooperation. It does not matter whether the cooperation is successful or not, it is important that they may be curious and click on the website link and notice the content of your site.

You keep actively looking for other websites, whether they have the same subject with you or not to cooperate. To do this better, you can use the way to make your website a service for sale is also very effective.

Collaborative suggestions: related questions, suggested ads, buy ads, exchange backlink, ...

Sell ​​your website? No, but selling information is either domain name, discount code, gift card, ebook, ... You can completely create your own ebook. Publish it on forums, do not forget to include descriptions such as:

"From 01-04-2016 until 01-05-2016. is extremely discounted Ebook "guide make money online and generate income on the Website" to 15% only 85,000. See more here! "

Such information will help curious customers then wonder what is? And they will type the name of your website into the search engine ... what then you know? 😎

Note: You can combine 2 of the above three ways to create more effective for each specific website.

For example, with a classified website, you can send a message to a webmaster, request a banner ad. At the same time sell domain name on their website. These facilitators are also human, will also be influenced by everyday psychics. It is very possible that when supporting, reviewing your cooperation application, they have to find a chance to change their life at the website address of your referral! I know where it is.

Remember, with ethics in the SEO profession, I recommend that you use the above methods to direct to a clean, healthy SEO environment. Never use these methods just to increase traffic quickly. Use it, as if you want to help others access a better source of information.


There is a good saying:

I would love to throw a bill between them and watch them fight to death.

Say that, then you should not think that our work is going to "pump" nhé. Actually, this is a very normal activity for us to come closer to truth.

Write an article that gives a personal opinion of a subject and send it to people you think will have their own opinion, encouraging them to comment on it. Then find people you think have the opposite view, send the article link, do the same with those people.

These people will probably see the other person's comments, a very likely controversy will appear. From there, they will automatically clarify the persoalan to help you, giving you a more comprehensive view. Besides, you will get a visit during the time the persoalan is still hot and much discussed.

This will work if people talk excitedly, speak fervently from their perspective, even share the article with friends in support of their views ...

Acting openly, denigrating your opponent is also a way for many to care about you. In many cases I have seen new websites open actively suing other websites to steal their posts.

What is going to happen? What do the newspapers, news sites do when they see a "locust" appearing on the path of a business, company, or large website? Surely they would ask themselves, "What do these companies have to do with people ahead?"

Apple is a typical example of this strategy, which is a late post-production company, but they are not shy about publicizing their technology-savvy competitors.

When you apply this strategy more or less, you will attract a certain number of viewers, less will be the competition. It is great if they also start attacking your website, or calling your website in the next article. Finally ... customers will come to your website, the media, the media will also ... and what happens after that ...?

The above are five ways to increase views for your website and attract traffic, these are strategies from a personal perspective. Look forward to feedback from readers on other ways to increase traffic!

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