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4 steps to make money from blog for unknown people ... SEO

The concept of SEO may have been pushed up by many "experts" at a high level, they put too many technical factors into it and made bloggers begin to feel SEO as a non-domain. silly person!

Wrong, all that is completely wrong! And if you are being "deliberately" deliberately "deceive" you about SEO then you need to read this article!

i will write it for you, by putting yourself i 2 years ago when jade did not know what SEO stands for !!!

And believe me, if you are blogging and you are looking to learn about SEO, let's leave out concepts like this:
SEO (Short for Search Engine Optimization) is the solution designed and optimized information to help the website become more search engine friendly (Search Engine) combined with the methods of Online Marketing to improve the rankings. Search results on search engines like Google, Youtbe, Facebook ... ..
It will not help you, it just messes you up! Let's start!
I will divide these 50 SEO tips into 5 main areas, and you just have to do that is enough!

1 .Hosting & technical issues
2 .Theme blog (theme)
3 .Analytical Tools SEO & Plugins
4 .Optimize SEO for posts
5 .Layouts and blog navigation

#1. Hosting: Choosing and using a good quality hosting will increase the page load speed, reduce response time and hence increase the ranking factor, improve the user experience.
Hosting is a very important factor and a great influence on the SEO problem. i recommend using HawkHost's hosting service to start a blog

#2. Always keep blog on your own host: There are many services that allow you to create a free blog, but surely Ngoc daresay that if you want to blog professionally, want to develop blog into a brand, a business. Online business and you really care about SEO, then host your blog on your own host!

# 3. Choosing a theme for your blog: Choosing a theme for your blog has always been key to the success of blog development. With all experience, Ngoc recommends focusing on one of your favorite topics. Embracing so many topics for a blog is definitely a SEO job as well as a search ranking that will be significantly affected.
Search engines and especially Google always appreciate blogs with unique themes, specifically. From a user's perspective, readers will also be more likely to remember you, a personal merk blogger, who leads the way in the field rather than the field. They will be tangled!

# 4. Domain Name: If it is possible to put the keyword on the domain is the best, do not choose a domain name in accordance with the principle of easy to remember, short, out of your personal brand. Prioritize and try to pick the .COM / .NET domain extension

# 5. Should I use the www prefix? Personally i do not like to use the www prefix in front of the domain name because of the simplicity of the brevity. Also whether www or not totally does not affect SEO. If you want to change the word www to no, use the Permanent Redirect (301)

# 6. HTTP & HTTPS: The https protocol is sure to be the standard protocol and is always rated by Google.

# 7. Choose the best CMS platform: CMS is also known as content management system, now there are many CMS for you to blog. However, choose WordPress, as this is the most open source code most used (27% of the total number of websites up to now).

WordPress has also proven to be the best SEO support CMS, having the largest user community. WordPress is also the most frequently updated source code since the level of security is also very secure.

#8. Sub-Domain & Sub-Directory:
A sub-domain is usually of the form :
So, sub-domain or sub-directory would be best for SEO? The answer is depending on your SEO purpose, if you are looking to build a new field (such as a course, a pelatihan program, a new service ..) then choose to use a sub -domain will be better. Google will treat the sub-domain as a separate website with its own XML sitemap.

And if you want to increase the rank of your current blog, choosing a sub-directory will be better for your SEO work.
# 9. When it comes to SEO: When we first start blogging, we often do not care (sometimes unknown). Because the theme is made up of encoded lines of code, so if you use a well-encoded theme, it will definitely support SEO very well and speed up the page load. Which accelerates the page load is also a leading factor in SEO work

#10. Copyright Theme: If you use WordPress there are many free options in the theme repository for use at any time. Personally, when i first started blogging, I used to have a free theme, but to be honest, when deciding to invest in a copyright theme, the effect on SEO, the user experience was completely changed.

#11. Trải nghiệm người dùng: Nếu bạn có nội dung tốt, giá trị nhưng bạn không tạo ra được trải nghiệm tốt cho người dùng thì công việc SEO của bạn cũng coi như thất bại. Một website hấp dẫn người dùng, giữ chân người đọc ở lại lâu (thời gian on-time), tỷ lệ quay lại cao sẽ được được các công cụ tìm kiếm xếp hạng cao.

Vậy làm sao để tăng trải nghiệm người dùng? Cá nhân i thích tập trung vào một giao diện được thiết kế chuẩn, điều hướng tốt

#12. Responsive mobile friendly: The mobile-friendly element is a priority element that Google is promoting as the number of people using mobile devices is increasing. Even Google has announced that websites displaying good on mobile devices will have better indexing indexes.

# 13. Google Analytics: A free Google tool that any blogger needs to use to track traffic statistics.

When using Google Analytics, you know what devices your users visit, what their age, their interests, etc. A lot of information to help you evaluate and improve the SEO elements on your blog.

# 14. Google Webmaster Tool: Formerly known as the Google Webmaster Tool has now been renamed Google Webmaster Tools. If Google Analytics allows you to statistically evaluate and evaluate the external elements of your blog, such as traffic, user statistics, Google Search Console will help you evaluate the "health" of the blog as a report of your search keywords. , backlink stats pointing to and checking for bugs that happen ...

From these reviews will help you adjust and improve your SEO work a lot, so install Google Webmaster Tools for your blog and then connect to your Google Analytics account right away

# 15. Google AMP: Known as the accelerated mobile site (AMP), it is an open source initiative to make web pages load quickly and look beautiful on mobile devices, even when the internet slow connection.

Google also stated that if your website / blog complies with AMP, then it will benefit those pages in Google search results, your ranking will also increase. So you need to find out about Google AMP and take a few minutes to set up, install AMP for your blog.

# 16. Create an XML sitemap and send it to Google: XML Sitemap is understood as a map of the website / blog. A sitemap is a list of pages on a website.

XML sitemap helps search engines like Google know which links are important and how to update the content of the website like? How often? Sitemaps do not directly increase your website rankings / blogs, but they help search spiders (crawlers) crawl, index better, and rank faster. . This is a guide to creating an XML Sitemap and submitting it to Google.

# 17
. Make a list of ping: When posting a blog post, what will you do to make that article quickly appear on the search results? The quickest way is to create a ping list to search engines to "notify". This will significantly increase the index speed

# 18. Speed up page load: Also known as load speed, this is a top factor for Google to rate and rank a website. To speed up the page load, there are a lot of things to do and depend on a lot of factors (mentioned in this article) like using the optimized code theme, good quality hosting ...

Experience you should by all means to make the page load speed under 3 seconds, to check the load speed you can use the Pingdom tool or Google's PageSpeed Insights tool.

# 19. Check display settings - indexed on search results: WorDPress has a setting for the search engines not to index and display the results. The purpose of this is to help you prepare your content, perfect your blog before publishing it to everyone.

However, if you accidentally choose this item, no matter how good SEO you have no results. So make sure this item is not selected. Visit the blog's admin page, then go to Setting -> Reading
 steps to make money from blog for unknown people  BestBitcoinExchange 50 Best SEO Tips Dedicated to Bloggers - Updated
In the Search Engine Visibility section, uncheck the "Discourage search engines from indexing this site"

# 20. Use the Cache Generator plugin: One of the best ways to speed up page loading is to use a plugin that creates caches for your blog. The cache generator preloads and saves your blog content so that it does not take longer to access the blog.

The best free caching plugin is WP Supper Cache or W3 Total Cache. In addition, if you have conditions you should also refer to the WP Rocket plugin, a premium plugin outside the cache function to optimize the database cleaner to help speed up the best WordPress blog today.
# 21. Yoast SEO Plugin: This is a plugin that supports the best and most popular SEO work. Sure if you are a blogger and are using WordPress then Yoast SEO is an indispensable plugin.

# 22. Sucuri Security Plugin: Security is a matter of constant attention, if your blog is attacked you can be infected with bad links, malicious code ... you do not know. With WordPress, security enhancements are fairly straightforward

# 23. Keyword research: Before writing a blog post you should ask the question: What would you like people to find this article for? This is the question that helps you determine the sasaran keyword for the article.

Then use the keyword research tool Keyword Planner to determine the number of searches for your keyword (you need to set up a Google Adwords advertising account to use this tool). You can also use or KWfinder to search for keywords related to the main keyword.

# 24. Long Keywords and Short Keywords: Experience shows that long keywords are more likely to rank higher on search engines. A lot of new bloggers usually try to SEO short keywords, so it is very difficult because short keywords are often very competitive so it is difficult to SEO.
For example if you SEO keywords" MONEY ONLINE " This will be a short keyword and very difficult to SEO. So why do not you choose long keywords HOW MAKE MONEY ONLINE _ MMO_FINANCIAL FREEDOM This is a long keyword and will easily reach the searcher because it is more specific about the product, the brand, the audience as well as the place.

# 25. URL: This is the path of the article, always ensure a short URL and contain keywords need SEO (usually should keep the URL from 3-5 words or 30-60 characters is best)

# 26. Write a fascinating headline for the user to increase the click rate on the article, in addition try to keep the short paragraph (no more than 65 characters) and always contain the primary keyword that needs SEO is the best. For WordPress, the article title is also the H1 tag.

# 27. Use numbers & words for high clickthrough rates in the title: Experience from many bloggers shows that when writing a title should put in the numbers, this makes the click rate on the article very high. The numbers make sure users know how many benefits they get when they click on the article.

Try to wonder if you are reading this by i was due to the title of "50 best SEO tips for blogger". At some point the number 50 works pretty good right?

In addition to numbers, words like "best", "effectiveness", "evaluation" "secret" "case study" ... will also help to click on the article greatly improved.

# 28
. Keywords appear in the first paragraph: This is a factor that greatly influences the optimization of the article. Keywords should be appearing in the first paragraph of the article and in about 150 words the beginning is the best.

# 29. H2 tag: Each mandatory post needs at least one H2 tag and should contain the primary keyword.

# 30. Tags H3, H4, H5, H6: Not required, but if the article is long, you should make use of these tags to make the article layout clearer. Keywords related to the main keyword, if present in these tags, are good for SEO. Remember me!

You can find keywords related to the main keyword at the bottom of the Google search results page.

# 31
. Keyword distribution: Although the keyword "stuffing" or "spam" is not recommended, but try to repeat the main keywords or related keywords in the article in a natural way.

# 32. Internal Link: Also known as internal link has a lot of effect in SEO. Firstly, it reduces the bounce rate, and the lower the bounce rate, the higher is your blog's ranking.

Second, internal links help GoogleBot (search spiders) easily crawl and index your blog posts. So when posting a new post please try to link to at least 3 old posts offline. (See how much internal link I use in this article )

# 33
. External Link: As an external link, in the article you should have at least one external link to reputable websites. This is how you provide more information to the reader, for example you can link to Wikipedia if you need to explain a term.

# 34. Affiliate Link: Most bloggers, including Ngoc, use affiliate links to earn money from blogs through affiliate marketing programs. However, if you put too many links in one page, that would be a bad thing. Google reviews sites that place too many affiliate links and view them as spam.

Ngoc's experience shows that you should choose the most suitable affiliate marketing programs and do not put more than 3 affiliate links on an article. Also you need to use at least one plugin to hide the link link by Link Cloaking method.

# 35. Backlink building: Back link is the link to your blog, this is an important element that Google uses to evaluate the prestige and rank a website / blog. Because of the power of backlink to SEO, many bloggers are trying to build backlink by buying backlink.

This is completely wrong, all backlinks are unnatural and can result in damage, heavier than you can be punished by Google as de-index ... So do not risk. Ngoc recommends that the best way to build a backlink is to focus on creating high quality content that is useful to the reader. Connect with other bloggers and build relationships with them, so your backlink will grow very naturally.

This is the safest and safest strategy, do not try to overtake Google, you will fail! Really!

# 36
. Using images: An indispensable article is that images will be more attractive than full-text. Although Google does not recognize the image, the text is sure if the image you will somehow help readers enjoy the article.

# 37
. Alt tag: As mentioned above Google and other search engines do not recognize the image, but if you add a description to the Alt tag, everything is the opposite. The Alt tag has a "notice" feature for Google that this image has content. So never lazy to forget the Alt card for your photos!

# 38. Reduce Image Size and Size: One of the top reasons for slow page loading is due to the large size and high capacity of the image. Personally i always find ways to reduce image size to less than 100kb, online image compression tool like TinyPNG is a solution, in addition WP Smushit plugin will help compress your images automatically every time upload.

# 39. Video: Adding videos to an article is extremely useful when you want your article to rank high on the search engines. If you create your own video, it will be best, but if you can not find the relevant video and embed it in the article. Articles with video are always highly rated by Google and of course you will have the opportunity to "retain" your readers to stay longer on blogs (high on-time time).

# 40. Writing long articles: Long articles are always rated by Google and high ratings, long content also helps users stay longer in your blog (increase On-time). But when online users on the blog for a long time, surely your SEO scores higher than that!

# 41. High Quality Content: This is the most IMPORTANT factor for the success of a blog. The article is long but the content needs to be unique, useful to the reader. Ngoc personally advises you to write to the user, ie forget Google go and focus for your readers first. If readers find it helpful, then everything to Google will be solved

# 42. Frequency of post: A blog that attracts users is a blog that always updates content regularly. Never post massively and then take a break ... for a few months, plan your post and try to publish at least 1 article per week.

Posting frequently also helps Google search Googlebot (search spiders) back to your blog and update, index new content regularly. This is a very good long term job for SEO.

# 43. Comment and always reply to comments: The power of blogs is the interaction through the comments in each article. If you want to become a popular blogger please reply to all the comments you offline.

The more comments you make, the more interactive your blog and the content of the post will be long (blog comment is always counted as the content of the article).

However, always make sure that your comments are from real users and not spam


# 44. Place important items right at home: The blog homepage is a very important place to direct users to where you want them. Make sure that the user just one mouse click is the most important pages, categories, services on the blog.
 steps to make money from blog for unknown people  BestBitcoinExchange 50 Best SEO Tips Dedicated to Bloggers - Updated
Menu is the place to help you navigate the best user!

When you have good layout and navigation, your blog's sitelinks will display "beautiful"

# 45. Footer: Also known as the blog footer area, this is a great place for you to place links to "nooks" on your blog. It could be links to social networking accounts, email sign-up frames, or featured categories. Take 30 seconds to see how the jade footprint layout works!

# 46. Category (categorie): Building a blog index for the list is impossible to do. Categories need to be closely linked to your blog theme and make sure most of the categories are also the main keywords for your blog.

For example: i write this blog on the topic of "blogging skills - make money online" so the main categories are: Blogging make money, Make money online, WordPress basics, blogger interview ...

Or, if you blog about culinary and cooking topics, your main categories will be: Recipes, Asian food, snacks, appetizers ...

# 47.
Adding a full list of categories to the sidebar is a smart way for both Google and your users to easily find all the content on your blog.
This is a very small tip but will help all articles, your column index is the most complete on the search results.

# 48. Popup: The popup window is a very effective way to help you build an email list, however if you overuse the popup then you most likely will ... harm yourself. Google has recently officially sanctioned websites displaying popup windows on mobile devices.

So if your blog is using too many popups then quickly remove it now, personally i do not currently use any popup on the blog. Actually, if you put yourself in the reader's seat you also would not like to be bothered by popup windows right?

# 49. Add social buttons to the social network: Make sure the articles get more like, share on social networks will be a factor that Google highly appreciated. This will also help you to significantly increase traffic.

So do not miss the social networking buttons on your blog, i put the posts share button just below the headline.
# 50. RSS Feed: Google can crawl your blog through the RSS Feed service. So you should set up a Feedburner account for your blog. Like i's Feedburner account, through this account users can track blog content, subscribe to news ..


That's all i know about SEO and i want to share with you. Finally i still want to emphasize to you that: Since we are a blogger so let's write to the user, put their experience to the top!

Because if they feel the content of your article is valuable, they will like it, you will get more and more readers, and this is what Google and other search engines want in you.

Of course, optimizing blogs or optimizing posts also requires their own techniques and things that i have all shared above. Keep these tips and apply them daily to gradually improve your blog!

I will continue to update to add SEO tips in the future!What do you think about these 50 SEO tips? What is your experience with SEO? Or if you have any questions, leave a comment below to let us discuss more!


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