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What is Bitconnect? Bitconnect has no scam & how to invest for safety?
I wrote this aticle because its come from personal experience, the first days to find knowledge about making money online. Remember i has read many articles in many sources in both English and English, and it took a week to get into a "block". Because most of the articles are broken up like the "goods", sometimes makes i tangled. Of course, in the coming time, i will also break up, but the breakdown is intended to be deeper. And if you are making money online how to apply and follow that way.
1 . What is make money online ?
2 . The form of making money online is often see today
3 . How do blog make money
4 . A few concrete examples of how blogs make money ?
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What is Bitcoin? Is Bitcoin virtual currency? Should invest in Bitcoin?
What is make money online ?
I remember the fist day to find information on the knowledge of making money online, make money online and specifically blog make money
Recently you probably hear more ecommerce phrase so make money online is the form of e-commerce or not?

E-commerce, e-commerce, e-comm or EC is the process of buying and selling through electronic transactions such as the Internet and computer networks. This is a broad and comprehensive concept.
Make money online or make money online, make money online (Make Money Online (MMO). Ie you are making money on the internet environment through different forms. Make money online is understood to be the use of various tools to make money on the internet.
The form of making money online is often seen today
It's divided into 2 segments: In these two sections, there are also many forms to make money
Having a sales channel: That is, you have a website or blog, a facebook account or an online store ... and then you sell a product / service on that channel to make money, or you lease it to someone else to sell. . For example, you have a house in front of you selling clothes, on the floor you rent for students, on the roof of your company for advertising ... many forms that can earn money in the house of you.
Do not own any sales channels: You do not have anything but still make money by clicking on the ad rent, respond to surveys, read advertising emails, sharing documents, online betting ...i is not recommended. These forms are really unstable and risky

Another form now i see quite a lot of participants that is selling T-shirts through sites such as, ... Here you create the designs on the shirt and carry out marketing campaigns to Sell, the more you sell, the higher the commission.
Why BitConnect can split your interest up to  BestBitcoinExchange MMO overview - Make money online


Direct: That is, you create a blog with attractive content that gives you a lot of traffic. Then you give (1) another partner to advertise, (2) Suspend ads from Google Adsenes. , a course, a product right at the blog (4) Affiliate Marketing - that is, you introduce the reader to buy another product of the other partner and enjoy the commission. (5) Finally, you create a blog with a niche site that develops it with relevant keywords and then sells it to the right people.
Still: You are still creating a reputable blog on a particular topic and (1) advising other individuals on the topic. (2) You find a job, for example, a copywriter at an advertising agency. (3) Write a rental article for another magazine or blog. (4) Opportunity to attend a seminar to talk about the topic you develop on the blog.
A few conrete examples of how blogs make money
Blogging guide all knowledge related to using the source code of WordPress as a website, blog, sales page ... SEO knowledge, evaluation of host services. Make money by hanging Google ads, for partners placing banner ads and affiliate marketing by introducing readers to buy domain names, host ...
blog review and beauty guide. I found some tutoring courses, then on youtube channel own makeup tutorial, beauty product review.
blog dedicated to cooking, baking
Fashion blogs are highly developed abroad and generate terrible income. They use many social networks such as instagram, pinterest to post product images for fashion brands. On the blog they usually have an online shop to sell fashion products ... Attend fashion shows and of course there must be compensation.
There are many other types of monetization from blogs that i can not write here. Jade hopes with this article you will have the most overview of ways to make money online in general and make money through blog in particular.
The following article in the make money online i will try to go into each specific form with analysis so that you can determine the path of "money" on the Internet best suited to their strengths. .

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