Bestbitcoinexchange Why Bitconnect Can Split Your Interest Up To 40% A Month

What is Bitconnect? Bitconnect has no scam & how to invest for safety?
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What is Bitcoin? Is Bitcoin virtual currency? Should invest in Bitcoin?

Before bitconnect investment often you will hear the offers, in which the most prominent is investing bitconnect interest rates up to 40% per month. Is this a trick, a ponzi multi-level model. This article analyzes in more detail, giving you an accurate view of how bitconnect can divide up to 40% per month.
This article first discusses the form of safe investment, investment lending. Call it safe because you keep putting money in it will be profitable. The interest of bitconnect varies by day. But it can estimate 30 day profits based on the past 30 days.

For example, if you invested $ 10,010, you would get $ 307.72 after 30 days. This is a huge amount of interest, almost impossible. And often people will have the right idea. "Phishing - Loan interest is only 20% where you get up to 37.20%.
However, if you look at a more strategic angle, you will see that this is possible and the most profitable is the bitconnect trading platform and the maker of the currency. So why is it possible to do it, and how did they do it?
To understand why bitconnect can split interest to 37% per month you simply visualize the following:
1. Assume you invest in gold, when you buy at 20tr / tree.
2. You make a gold trading tool, every gold trading will increase the price to 21tr / tree, 22tr / tree
3. One month later, gold goes up to 40tr / tree and you sell.
So you say 20tr / gold tree. 20tr of this you divide a part of the participants in the gold trading tool.

By this example, I hope you understand the way bitconnect does. If not read or read offline
On 1.2.2017 the bitconnect currency is $ 0.234603 / bitconnect. That is if you have $ 1 you can buy more than 4 bitsconnect

The day I wrote this article for you, July 26 value of this currency increased to $ 63.57 / bitconnect

So over the past five months this money increased 27,000%. And if this trading floor divides your profit for you 37% of the month, then they have the word 27,000 - 37 * 5 = 26,815%
Below is the growth chart of bitconnect currency from February to present. You will see its rapid growth

So through this analysis, you can clearly see that dividing your profits is entirely feasible, and this is how they do it
1. Create a trading floor for everyone to contribute capital
2 . Push the value of the currency up
3. Take the value of money to share profits to investors. This way looks like multi level but there is a big difference. Is the value of the currency actually changed, not as multi-level is the pre-paid capital to pay later.
You will also ask an important question, when this investment is at risk. It is a difficult question, I did not answer correctly. However, sure to you that
first . If you invest in value less than 2 times during the time you invest, you will run the risk.
2 . If during your investment, the value of Bitcoin will decrease continuously you will also risk.
If you decide to invest, be sure to sign up for my link, I will guide you on how to invest the most reasonable
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