Bestbitcoinexchange 5 Easy-To-Get Blogging Topics & Earn Money In 2018

The top two questions that all of them when embarking on building a new blog are usually laid out ...

Does this blog really get people's attention?


Will this blog make me money? (or more money?)

You will then receive the following advice:

Please select a topic that you are really passionate about! And go with it first and then you will also earn money!

Correct! But there are some practical blog topics that are hard to make money or maybe but very few!

So if you really want to make money from blogging then the masalah here is that you will have to balance the passion and popularity (the interest of everyone).

To truly earn money from blogging you can not just go with the passion you need to go with the popularity!

More specifically you need:

Identify a masalah that many people are facing and help them solve that masalah through your blog!

Ok, so let's see what problems people are having (especially in the coming 2018)

Note that the 5 blog topics below are very large and in each topic you can completely "dig deeper" and choose a smaller "niche". i will try to give you detailed hints for the smallest possible.


Many bloggers make money online by teaching others how to make money online!

And so a lot of people started a blog with the topic of making money online with the desire to make money but then never earn money!

That's the truth! This is a wrong approach and a lot of people are approaching this way!

Remember the online money making stories from famous bloggers (earn a lot of money) are always acclaimed so you are almost caught up in their "story" and then you choose the topic ... like them.

So the question is: who beginners blogging should not go with the topic of making money online?

Are not! You still can!

But you need to approach this topic on a journey rather than "jump in" just to make money online.

How do bloggers make money from this topic?

Most of them usually generate income from affiliate marketing, but in the end most of them will try to offer their own services and products. And online courses or book publishing and ebook selling are the most commonly used way!


People often confuse this topic with the topic of making money online, but when it comes to a blog about personal finance, that blog will help people know how to manage finances effectively.

A blog about ways to increase your income, distribute your income streams on investment forms is a kind of personal finance blog.

However, with this topic broad, you need to shrink and sasaran a specific form of investment that will be more effective. Examples of real estate investment, stocks, share of knowledge about insurance ...


This is a very broad field and a lot of bloggers exploit and if doing well the opportunity to generate income from this topic is not bad.

Related to this topic will usually be:

↣Cooking (cuisine)
↣Fashion - Beauty
That is all the passion that takes place in life and often attracts a certain interest. Often to generate good income and develop blogs on these topics you need to become an influencer to the community itself.

The best way to make money for blogs like this is to advertise for branding and the powerful combination of social networks will be great for blogs with lifestyle themes!


This is also one of the topics in the potential field for developing a blog. In addition to money, relationships, health is always the top concern.

With this topic you can completely "dissect" deeper to sasaran a niche market is very specific. For example, if you are a bodybuilding enthusiast, you (or your group of friends) can build a blog related to bodybuilding.


The world is changing everyday and the most dramatic change is technology!

So in 2018 this technology theme will still appeal to everyone and you will have plenty of opportunities!

BUT! Keep in mind that the technology of the year 2018 is not about the internet, computer tricks, WordPress tips ... anymore! All of that is over, and there are so many good bloggers!

So the technology of 2018 must be Blockchain technology, artificial intelligence (AI), payment by electronic money ... This will be a "new land" for you to set foot in and explore very well. in the coming years.


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