Bestbitcoinexchange How To Make Money Online When You ... Nothing To Sell?

These are great questions I received from you guys  BestBitcoinExchange How to make money online when you ... nothing to sell?

These are great questions I received from you guys . First of all, perhaps we need to identify very clearly how to make money online. What is it? Of course, it is precisely making money on the internet, generating income by offering services, products on the internet. Understand that making money online is not making money offline

But ironically the question is "... nothing to sell?" Ie you still want to make money online but nothing in hand (no products / services) to sell to customers. Deadlock

If you are having a question like this then you have come to the right place, this article is for you. People have nothing to sell but still want to make money online.


This is the most accurate answer for you. If you have nothing to sell then the best way is to sell other people's products.

It is called affiliate marketing. Here, very briefly how this will work ...

You introduce a product to the customer, and if they buy through your referral. You will receive an amount called a commission, as a thank you to the owner of the product sent to you.

For affiliate marketing, many people will not trust, they do not think this is work, sometimes they despise it. On the contrary, there are many people who appreciate it, and consider it a passion, a job. I'm one of them.

A fact that.

When properly done, affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online while not having to own any product at hand. You can also help a lot of people through making money online.


There is no guarantee that you only need to have a Facebook account, post on it, add a link to it. The next morning you receive the commission. No one is sure that you create a blog, throw up a few posts, put in the content of affiliate links. Then the roses massively.

If it's as simple as that, make money online to guide. To succeed with affiliate marketing you need to deliver those values and, above all, you need to build long-term trust with your customers and readers.

The following five principles will help you to be that.


Many people who are new to online money making and affiliate marketing often ask themselves a question.

What product should I promote?

This question is completely wrong. The exact question you need to ask is ... What is my client's desire to solve?

Once you answer this question, you will know what products and services help them solve the problem. If you can not find the answer, why not try emailing them.

I have an email list, and sometimes in emails, at the very end I ask a question to know what my readers are expecting to receive from the blog /? And how can I help them more?

Often, after receiving such emails, I get a lot of ideas and ideas that arise in these responses.


A lot of you share with me that I do not understand why the website / blog has many visitors, but no one click on the banner advertising affiliate marketing. Finally though I tried but still can not earn money ???

Very simple customers are not so easy, they need a proof of service quality. They need to be verified, and you need to be a "mouse", that is, you have to experience and use the product you are promoting.

This is just as if you should only recommend to your friends the restaurants you once ate, never introduce them just because you find it nice or the restaurant pays you a free ticket because you have introduced customers to them.


If you choose a product just because the vendor commission paid you high then that is completely wrong.

Remember to help me with this, when choosing a product not for you to "withdraw from it" but rather you are sending in and creating a "trust bank". The more you sell, the higher the commission, but the higher the commission, the higher the commission.

When you gain the trust of your customers, it becomes much easier to sell your next product in the future.


If you promote your products to customers and you just talk to them about the features, then you probably will not convince them to buy.

For example, you are promoting a bag and you just tell the customer that the blue bag, real leather, ... those are the features.

But if you tell them that this blue bag is the same as the one you bought last time. It is handmade leather so it is very durable, the skin is difficult to scratch so I will use it for a long time. Help her save more ... This is the benefit that customers will receive.

So if you always provide your customers with product benefits and you really believe in those benefits, then you are a great consumer.


The accompanying solutions that you provide for free to customers when they purchase products from your referral are extremely important.

For example, if you are running a beauty guide blog, you recommend to customers to buy skin care products. Then you need to provide them with instructions on how to use the product, other skin care methods to achieve the best results.

Once you want to make money online but do not have any products to sell then affiliate marketing is the best solution for you. Sell other people's products.

Choose the product you use, trust the benefits it will bring to your customers and do not choose it just because of the high commission you will receive.

If you do all that you will get the trust of your customers and making money online through affiliate marketing will become easier.


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