Bangkok Thailand Travel Map & Things to do in Bangkok:Asian Cultural Hamlet Sadao

Asian Cultural Village is i of the exceed tourist's destinations inward Sadao Thailand. It's a large common that divided into unlike parts. Some common is gratis as well as the other common has an entrance fee. It is located at Samnak Kham, Sadao District, Songkhla Thailand. For Google Map click here. It's suitable for the whole menage unit of measurement to visit. It's opened upward daily from 9:00 inward the forenoon to 10:00 inward the evening. 

If you lot don't select a machine you lot tin ride a van from Hatyai going to Sadao Van but say the driver that you lot volition driblet at Asian Cultural Village as well as negotiate them for the van going dorsum to Hatyai. They volition only telephone telephone you lot when the van going to Hatyai volition come. The fare costs 48 baht. 

The Asian Cultural Village is divided into half dozen parks. It has a VJ Villa Resort where you lot tin rest overnight. Click to a higher house for the prices or for to a greater extent than information about  VJ Villa as well as Container Stay inward Danok. The Waterpark for the children to taste swimming. The Panda Village Park which is gratis of charge. The Future Park which showcases some robots as well as futuristic theme. The entrance is 350 baht for foreigners as well as 150 for Thai. Be certain to convey your ID equally they are looking for it when you lot purchase a ticket from whatever common of Asian Cultural Village. 

The Chinese Village is gratis to piece of job into also. It has Chinese subject villas as well as a Chinese eating seat too. The hamlet was decorated amongst a Chinese inspired decorative. There is an Animals Park where you lot tin ride a Equus caballus as well as encounter some animals inward the cage. 

My favorite common is the Dinosaur Park which has it's ain page on my weblog since I select as well as hence much to speak most it. Read my weblog for to a greater extent than information most this place. Don't immature adult woman the Dinosaur common when visiting the Asian Cultural Village inward Sadao. It has a surreal dinosaur that makes the children scream. 

There are restaurants, shops as well as nutrient stalls here. The famous eating seat hither is the VJ Restaurant as well as the mainland People's Republic of China Yunan Restaurant. You tin also purchase souvenirs in the souvenir shop. The parking lot is rattling large as well as it's free. The best fourth dimension to come upward hither is on weekend. Some shops are unopen on weekdays. Visit Asian Cultural Village belatedly inward the afternoon to avoid the rut of the Sun as well as rest hither until evening. On the level the lightening of lanterns as well as other structures are stunning. All prices are discipline to change. 


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