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Phuket, pearl of the Andaman Sea, amongst golden sands, beautiful smiles, blueish skies... Phuket is blessed amongst powdery, palm-fringed white beaches, sparkling island-dotted seas ... delightful turn-of-the-century Sino-Portuguese architecture.. la la la. You know it's the same variety of verse on almost every website, the same cliches, roughly of which are truthful inwards a way, but for sure at that spot is the thought that Phuket is indeed perfect. I accept to country this: I dearest living here, Phuket is great, but Phuket is non perfect. I listen this many times: "I was surprised by... (insert comment here)". Somewhere out inwards the majority of websites as well as guidebooks is the truth. I promise my Phuket Blog paints a fair moving painting of Phuket, though equally you lot may notice, I don't write well-nigh the bits I don't like! I overstep on the weblog positive as well as prefer to speak well-nigh the things that I do like.

Back inwards August I did a quick review of the novel Lonely Planet "Encounter" conduct to Phuket, which is a dainty footling book, good researched, a skillful bargain to a greater extent than upward to appointment than your average LP conduct book.. Lonely Planet "Shoestring" bearing backpackers walk past times my operate every other solar daytime looking for a guesthouse that unopen ii years ago. Sometimes they come upward inwards as well as inquire as well as are AMAZED to detect that the Bible is wrong!

s the same variety of verse on almost every website Bangkok Map; Travelfish Guide to PhuketSo, I am happy to country that you lot tin post away instruct a good researched, upward to date, slow to use, recommended-by-Jamie guidebook for Phuket for only a few dollars. Well, "book" is the incorrect word. Actually you lot tin post away purchase a 37 page pdf file past times making payment online as well as the "guidebook" tin post away thus survive downloaded. And it's good. It knows things I don't know, it has reviews of guesthouses as well as hotels, it says this well-nigh Patong: "a seething majority of tourism, squalor as well as unrestricted development, a mess of hotels, bars, restaurants, move agents, massage parlours, tailor shops as well as touts. Patong is everything that tourism inwards Thailand should non accept become." Amen.

You see? This guidebook does non trace whatever punches! Compare to the No.1 website well-nigh Phuket, which says "With its broad diversity of activities as well as nightlife, Patong is an ideal house to political party as well as play.".. although admittedly does try to hint that Patong is non perfect... "the steaming hot streets, neon lights as well as chaotic atmosphere of Patong tin post away survive overwhelming for the novel arrival".. yeh, nevertheless overwhelms me nine years later!

So, where tin post away you lot instruct this Phuket guidebook? The website to await for is, which has been silently growing into an cyberspace giant. If you lot are looking for SE Asia information, Travelfish is a rattling skillful starting place. And the hit of guidebooks includes Phuket, Phi Phi, Koh Tao, Koh Samet, as well as diverse guides inwards Vietnam, Lao People's Democratic Republic as well as Cambodia. Travelfish is for sure backpacker oriented - the accommodation recommendations are for lower budget travelers (Note to Travelfish - you lot should include Pineapple Guesthouse inwards Phuket!). The Phuket conduct includes roughly full general info, local carry information (local buses, non taxis - this is for backpackers!), as well as extended information on unlike beach areas as well as on Phuket Town. The data is tightly packed, no wasted space, prepare to print. It may non adapt the luxury traveler, but on the other hand, if you lot are looking for a rattling dainty hotel as well as desire to explore roughly of the existent Phuket, this Travelfish Phuket conduct is for sure worth a look!

Thanks to Stuart of Travelfish for sending me a re-create to read. It's good, I country again. The toll of a few beers for a guidebook? If you're coming to Phuket, you lot should caput to Travelfish as well as download the Phuket guide.

Travelfish PDF Travel Guides - Get them here!

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