Bangkok Thailand Travel Map & Things to do in Bangkok:Hin Ta Hin Yai Rocks Formation

Hin Ta Hin Yai or Grandpa as well as Grandma Rocks Formation is i of the occur tourist destinations inwards the famous isle of Kho Samui Surat Thani Thailand. It is located at Lamai Beach Tambon Maret, Koh Samui Chang Wat Surat Thani Thailand.  For Google map click here. It's opened upwards from ix inwards the forenoon to half dozen inwards the evening. The entrance is gratis but yous pick out to pay for the parking infinite for 10 baht for motorbike as well as 20 baht for the car. The parking lot is pocket-size as well as non suitable to bring a auto since the route is quite narrow. 

This house is non then crowded. The principal attraction of this house is the rocks formation similar to the manly individual as well as woman individual genitals, which is the "Hin Ta" or granddad genitals as well as the "Hin Yai" or grandmother genitals. I haven't seen the woman individual genitals because I didn't come upwards to closer to that stone formation but the manly individual genital is closer to the entrance. It stands at that spot then proud so it volition grab your attention.

We came hither belatedly inwards the afternoon then it's really windy. It volition survive really hot hither to come upwards inwards the middle of the day. It's best to come upwards unopen to five o'clock inwards the afternoon. You tin forcefulness out uncovering a lot of vendors hither or nutrient stalls if yous desire a refreshing quaff or delicious snacks to taste spell sitting inwards the large rocks formations. We pass our 30 minutes here. The location is inwards the western business office of Lamai Beach. You tin forcefulness out become downward to the seashore as well as taste swimming on the beach.

Here's the interesting folklore floor of the Hin Ta as well as Hin Yai Rock Formation that yous tin forcefulness out read inwards this place.  

A folklore of Kho Samui tells the floor of an one-time pair past times the advert of Ta Kreng (Grand Pa Kreng) as well as Yai Riem (Grand Ma Riem) who lived alongside their boy inwards the southern tell of Nakhon Si Thammarat since their boy had come upwards of age, they felt Thai inwards was fourth dimension he got married. 

One twenty-four hr menstruation they decided to canvass to the neighbouring province of Prachuap Khiri Khan to enquire for the mitt of Ta Monglai's daughter, during their bounding main journey, their boat was seized past times a storm. The one-time human as well as his married adult woman unable to swim ashore. They died at the sea, turning into rocks equally proof to the would-be bride's parents of their truthful intentions. The rocks stand upwards at that spot to this day. 


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