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Phuket is of course of pedagogy to a greater extent than known every bit a beach destination, together with I would approximate 99% of visitors volition desire to rest roughly the water. There are enough of hotel recommendations on this blog, generally hotels close the beaches - Phuket's westward coast is all almost beaches, from the overdeveloped madness that is Patong (yeh, some people similar it, I know) to much quieter locations similar Naithon or Kamala. There are some hotels inland away from the water, or on the far less developed eastward coast, together with in that location is also enough of accommodation inwards Phuket Town.

Phuket Town (officially called Phuket City, but it for sure feels similar a town), is the primary concern middle of Phuket together with the provincial capital. There's no beach, but staying inwards town gives a totally dissimilar experience of Phuket. Sure in that location are some tourism oriented businesses, but generally it's local life - markets, modest interesting shops, Chinese shrines, solar daytime to solar daytime life going on all around, historic buildings, museums, local restaurants together with a nightlife that is quite divide to the bars 'n' girls at the beaches. It's the house to hold out to savour festivals together with local events such every bit the Phuket Vegetarian Festival or the Sunday Walking Street Market. I similar Phuket Town, together with there's enough of infinite given to it on the blog. If y'all get got a longer rest inwards Phuket together with desire to experience to a greater extent than than only mainstream tourism, why non rest inwards town for a twain of nights! You tin honor everything from backpacker dorms to rather overnice boutique hotels.

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Some Recommended Phuket Town Hotels

Casa Blanca Boutique Hotel

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 fairly novel hotel correct yesteryear the former town on Phuket Road, only circular the corner from Thalang Road, restored former shophouse, amongst all white exterior (thus the name). Only 17 rooms, together with practiced cost too.

Casa Blanca Boutique Hotel - Reviews, Rates together with Reservations

The Memory at On On Hotel

Way dorsum inwards 1999, when I commencement arrived inwards Phuket, I stayed 1 black at the former On On Hotel. It was built almost 100 years ago. I yell back the beds were mayhap 100 years old. The flooring shook whenever person walked yesteryear exterior the room. It was the hotel used for filming 'The Beach' movie. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 peachy backpacker hangout amongst a piffling cafe too. Renovations started a few years agone together with it re-opened inwards 2013 every bit "The Memory at On On Hotel" amongst suites together with overnice rooms. Still has dorms together with a overnice aircon cafe.

The Memory at On On Hotel - Reviews, Rates together with Reservations


Newly opened inwards 2010, Chinotel is on Ranong Road correct side yesteryear side to the central market. Rates alone 600 - 800 Baht per black amongst aircon, TV together with you're correct inwards the former town.

Chinotel - Reviews, Rates together with Reservations

Sino House Hotel

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 twain of blocks North together with East of former town, Sino House is an even out vogue hotel together with includes the highly recommended Rain Tree Spa which my married adult woman together with I hateful to see i solar daytime sometime!

Sino House Hotel - Reviews, Rates together with Reservations

Baan Suwantawe

Located side yesteryear side to the Queen Sirikit park, together with correct over the street from the Indy Market that takes house on Th together with Fri evenings, this is quite a novel house which has measure hotel rooms together with also apartments for longer term rent.

Baan Suwantawe - Reviews Rates together with Reservations

Bhukitta Hotel

Right side yesteryear side to the former double-decker terminal, five minutes walk to former town, lots of local restaurants closed by. Reading the reviews, y'all tin run into some mutual "problems" amongst hotels inwards town - things similar "too far from the beach" - well, duh! And no overnice views - good it's inwards the town, together with mayhap staff non speaking the best English, yeh, if they did, they'd function inwards a five star resort.

Bhukitta Hotel - Reviews, Rates together with Reservations

Phuket Center Apartment

Right inwards the middle roughly former town, the Phuket Center Apartments are serviced apartments amongst kitchens. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 cafe serves breakfast together with lunch, but y'all are also within a few minutes walk of many restaurants inwards town.

Phuket Center Apartment - Reviews, Rates together with Reservations

Lub Sbuy Guesthouse

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 budget place, in i trial again really roughly the double-decker concluding amongst lots of local places to consume nearby together with five minutes walk to the former town. Odd spelling, Lub Sbuy way "peaceful sleep".. approximate I would while it Lap Sabai, but each to their own!

Lub Sbuy Guesthouse - Reviews, Rates together with Reservations

Dara Hotel

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 existent oddity, this place. Location - on the border of town roughly the Central Festival Mall, non far from the weekend market. I'd alone rest hither if I had some transport, but it's form of unique - really colourful together with modern.

Dara Hotel - Reviews, Rates together with Reservations

Thavorn Heritage Hotel

The Thavorn Heritage Hotel (or only Thavorn Hotel) is a chip of Phuket history. It's non that old, opened inwards 1961, but was officially Phuket's commencement five star hotel. It's non together with so fancy right away but the anteroom looks peachy together with there's a modest museum inside. They produce rooms for every bit piffling every bit 600 Baht, peachy location correct inwards the middle of town. But for sure a chip former now!

Old Thavorn Hotel - More Information

Phuket Town may non hold out your loving cup of tea, but this weblog does tend to hold out read yesteryear people who similar all kinds of tea! Aside from the hotels above, Phuket Town has lots of depression budget guesthouses together with backpacker places - to a greater extent than information here: Cheap Places To Stay inwards Phuket.

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