Bangkok Thailand Destinations Map:Jui Tui Shrine - Piercing Too Parade

Jui Tui Shrine has ever been particular for me - I mean value that it was the initiative of all fourth dimension that Jamie introduced me to thence much that I did non know. Arriving early on (5:30) I was surprised past times the total of people that were at the Shrine. 

I moved swiftly as well as carefully (remembering to withdraw my shoes) as well as was real pleased to consider ane of the regular possessed - consider pictures to a higher house as well as below - his trunk is a move of art.

It actually is - he is covered inwards tattoo as well as on transcend of this his trunk is pierced inwards a unlike agency each year.

A real existent pleasance was finding this homo - beautiful art, wonderful.

chose to move blessed past times about other possessed (as above) as well as it is becoming to a greater extent than of import to me to accept this done at the beginning 

- similar to wanting to accept a release of bracelets given to me. After the quick trip into the shrine I circulated the grounds exterior the shrine to consider all of the people existence pierced.

Then the possessed began to instruct out - wow, did this possessed guy actually crawl all the agency as well as and thence the sedans followed alongside the entourage of fireworks next them.

Then came the sedans carrying the effigy of the Chinese Spirits. 

But this photograph gives me the creeps every fourth dimension - what motion painting does this remind me of?

It was forthwith that the pandemonium began - magnificent chaos - it gets me every time. I did mange to select handgrip of Jamie come across the film.

I had my foam ear plugs inwards as well as I tried to capture about photographs only was non quite able to - I mean value I similar to move a niggling equally good closed for the telephoto to move actually effective... 
Then began the long walk...

This was where I was able to croak a niggling closer to about of the pierced - as well as wow it was close...

Some were actually quite grotesque...

But as well as thence it was solely until later did I realise that this homo had his finger through his tongue AND hold off at the size of the blades on his arms!!!

And to a greater extent than explosions...

  Wow - this withal holds something for me - this is the Facebook Live that was posted.

Then the serene character of some...

Previous visits to Jui Tui for the Vegetarian Festival - 

 1) 2015
 2) 2014
 3) 2013 
 4) 2012


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