Bangkok Thailand Destinations Map:A Trip To Phang Nga

Phang Nga is a house to a greater extent than famous for a stone isle called - Koh Tapu - to a greater extent than usually known equally James Bond Island. But nosotros were on a trip to anywhere but nosotros had scant ideas of where nosotros were going together with the iPhone together with it's Apps to notice places (Foursquare was a regular but Around Me was interesting).

The starting fourth dimension house that nosotros stopped was Phang Nga Viewpoint.

Where nosotros could go Horse riding 

Then it was fourth dimension for around to see the foreign caves at the side of the route - for certain dissimilar - สวนสมเด็จพระนครินทร์ พังงา.

Then it was fourth dimension for around early on dinner at Thasai Seafood - a wonderful location yesteryear the river - here's Jamies review.

Then it was fourth dimension for somewhere to rest - flora a hotel - really busy (5,200 Baht) thence nosotros flora a small-scale house - Tonhaad Resort - 700 Baht.

Then nosotros raced to notice the waterfall equally the Sun began to set....

Lovely spot together with yesteryear the fourth dimension nosotros got dorsum it was dark.

The next morning time nosotros got upwardly amongst the local animals together with then

set off for a local breakfast - this was non simply traditional street nutrient - nosotros had a mixture at บ้านช้าง กาแฟสด.

Then at that spot was a quick halt at a beautiful roadside Wat.

Then off for the trip to James Bond amongst a local fisherman who starting fourth dimension took us to these carvings on the side of a rock...

Then it was fourth dimension for Koh Tapu Island (James Bond) together with wow - nosotros did non visit, nosotros exclusively encircled it - 300 Baht each to larn on together with it was packed.

Then it was onto the Muslim Floating Village - Koh Panyi - to investigate.

And the floating football game field...

Then dorsum onto the boat - stopping at a raised isle (previously submerged).

We visited Wat Kaeo Manee Si Mahathat on the means dorsum to Phuket - quite an impressive structure....

Then dorsum into the automobile - stopping at Tree Cups for lunch.

A wonderful fourth dimension - the weekend went a niggling equally good quickly... 


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