Bangkok Thailand Destinations Map:Happy Songkran 2016

We visited Wat Thepnimint at 7:30 inwards the morning.

It was a busy morn amongst the Monks inwards the temple praying too the local people waiting patiently to give their gifts, within the temple amongst the monks, making small-scale offerings exterior too buying breakfast from the numerous motorcycle stalls.

Then the monks emerged from the Wat. I produce experience blessed merely visiting a Wat too visiting a Wat is a must for all people visiting Phuket.

Gifts are given to the monks every bit they walk round.

Then the gifts are loaded into a truck behind, hung on the bolts, flowers house on the forepart topographic point too it industrial plant seamlessly good - beautiful.

Then it was fourth dimension to complete;

1: the joss sticks placed at the door to the Wat.

2: the placing of the flags inwards the sand (for people who could non come?)
3: the lighting of the candles (for people who bring passed way?)
4: the specific placing of the aureate leafage on the Buddha (for specific reasons which I can' sympathise yet)
5: the pouring of the blessed H2O over the small-scale Buddha statue placed at the front
6: the clipping  of money to a tree (a donation)
7: the putting of small-scale coins nether the different small monk statues

Then too Iced Coffee - Thai style...

Then a create dorsum to work...

Happy Songkran


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