Bangkok Thailand Destinations Map:Buddha Daily Quotes - App For Phuket

Visiting a Buddhist Country?


A novel quote from Buddha everyday on your iPhone & iPad! No require to opened upwards the app, quote volition seem your concealment automatically, simply taste each twenty-four hr menstruum at a fourth dimension of your choice.

Set a custom fourth dimension for the quote to seem each day, allowing you lot to commencement your twenty-four hr menstruum amongst inspiration & guidance, or taste later on inwards the day.


- ready a custom fourth dimension for your quote to seem each twenty-four hr menstruum (default fourth dimension is 9:00am)
- portion your favorite daily quotes on Facebook, Twitter, Email, or SMS
- Universal App: install it on both your iPhone & iPad for ane price
- plow daily quotes on/off
- beautifully designed hi-res retina display graphics

I convey ever commented that you lot should larn something most the province that you lot are visiting as well as Thailand is predominantly Buddhist what meliorate means than receiving a message for you lot to read, give thank you lot as well as portion amongst others.

Then you lot tin view all of the beautiful Wats which are scattered throughout Thailand amongst a piffling more.

The most hard matter for you lot to create is to select the fourth dimension of twenty-four hr menstruum that you lot have your message - the default is 9am as well as this was fabulous for me.

Cost: £0.69
Ease of use: wonderfully simple
Comment: - it is wonderfully simple


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