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The arrest of xxxxx, 45, was the commencement fourth dimension a tourist has been detained afterward emergency powers were granted to police describe enforcement officials past times the Department of Marine as well as Coastal Resources (DMCR) Region half-dozen on May 24 to protect marine life. 

The measures, referred to every bit Article 17, grant additional powers to police describe enforcement officials, including the mightiness to arrest anyone reckon to hold upwards interfering amongst marine life. 
xxxxx was released on a 100,000 baht bail, which was paid past times his tour guide. xxxxx now has to rest inward the province until his representative is processed past times a court. - See to a greater extent than at: 

Have yous always fed the fish whilst yous were inward Phuket?

I would imagine that nosotros all cause got BUT did yous run into this poster? I commencement saw the poster inward 2014 as well as reckon it was truly a scam - until I read more nigh it.

Then I read to a greater extent than nigh this - killing the Coral Reef 1 while at a time.
Then I read nigh the tourist removing Coral is fined.

I would mean value a lilliputian side past times side time...

Now (Tuesday 14th of June) I read that yous tin hold upwards fined for catching marine life to accept a photo.


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