Bangkok Thailand Map; Thalang National Museum

The Thalang National Museum is approximately other house nosotros bring meant to catch for a long time, having driven past times many times. It's located virtually the Heroine's Monument, only off the primary airdrome road, southward of Thalang town inwards primal Phuket Thailand .

Heroine's Festival inwards the Thalang area.

Bang Pae Seafood, as well as you'll likewise honor Bang Pae waterfall as well as the Gibbon Rehab Project along the same road. The Ton Sai waterfall is likewise non far away. Nearby inwards Thalang town are several of import temples (Wat Phra Tong, Wat Sri Sunthon as well as Wat Phra Nang Sang), as well as only southward y'all bring the Boat Lagoon, which is worth a goal if y'all similar boats as well as desire a squeamish java inwards a western means marina.

Phuket Thailand Museums - Location Map

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