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(old post from 2006)

Another small, relaxation beach inwards Phuket Thailand , non really good known as well as mainly alone visited past times locals is Laem Ka beach. It's only N E of Rawai beach, betwixt Rawai as well as Chalong as well as is non good signposted at all. We had never been at that spot earlier today despite countless drives only about the Rawai area. We showtime started to crusade upwards the route to the Evason resort, but this alone goes to the hotel. The friendly safety guard told us to behave on towards Rawai as well as plough left afterwards the 7-11. There's no big sign to Laem Ka beach, every bit it is undeveloped as well as basically off the tourist radar.

Its a small-scale route which goes across the headland (the give-and-take Laem inwards Thai agency Cape or headland) - really dainty expanse amount of kokosnoot trees, but is to a greater extent than oft than non somebody land. Owned past times who? Whoever it is has order upwards a rather strange scarecrow at 1 signal to instruct far quite obvious that you lot create NOT desire to instruct this way:

Laem Ka Beach.

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