Bangkok Thailand Map; Armed Forces Coup Inwards Bangkok? All Placidity Inwards Phuket Thailand .

Update 25th May 2014 - delight complaint - this is an onetime weblog post service relating to the coup of September 19th 2006. Nothing happened inward Phuket Thailand in addition to hence in addition to since the coup inward 2014, zilch is happening inward Phuket Thailand again. Yeh, in that place was a curfew for a piece but you lot won't meet troops or whatsoever problem inward Phuket Thailand . For news, advise you lot follow me on Twitter @ I respect that quite a few people cause got been looking at this onetime page, hence I merely desire to state .. everything inward Phuket Thailand is fine. See you lot on Twitter in addition to meet you lot here!


twenty September 2006 : Well, I cause got merely come upward to the purpose in addition to tin meet zilch abnormal hither inward Phuket Thailand . No military, no increased law presence, no worried faces. Thailand is rattling relaxed. Hard to operate out final black what was going on. All the Thai TV channels went off the air in addition to started playing music in addition to showing pictures of the King. We got pictures from the BBC News ( or showing soliders in addition to armed services vehicles inward the streets of Bangkok, but otherwise everything going on equally normal. Called my wifes sis who plant for a banking corporation inward Bangkok in addition to she said she could meet zilch at all.

So let's hold off in addition to see. Looks similar Thaksin may last out of a job. The disceptation issued on Thai TV said the armed services were acting on behalf of the King, or at to the lowest degree amongst his approval, which makes all the departure hither inward Thailand.

As I say, no argue to worry, in addition to zilch going on hither inward Phuket Thailand except schools in addition to banks volition last unopen today. (Today is the final 24-hour interval of the schoolhouse term anyway).

(Later) - Thai TV is dorsum on, in addition to in that place was a disceptation issued past times the leaders of the armed services in addition to law maxim they are exclusively trying to assist in addition to do non remember asset ability whatsoever longer than necessary.

News Sources

• The Phuket Thailand Gazette
• The Phuket Thailand News

Also a lot of comments (many to last taken amongst a pinch of salt) on the Lonely Planet Thailand Forum:


 this is an onetime weblog post service relating to the coup of September  <a href=Bangkok Thailand Map; Military Coup inward Bangkok? All Quiet inward Phuket Thailand ." />

(Update on Th 21st)

Nothing happening inward Phuket Thailand , everything is 100% normal. Dominicus is shining. The tidings says that the King supports the leaders of the coup, which agency (since everyone is loyal to the king) that in that place volition last no trouble.

BBC News says "During the day, coup supporters brought flowers, pizzas in addition to donuts to the soldiers in addition to took turns taking menage unit of measurement pictures inward forepart of the armoured vehicles which cause got cordoned off the authorities district.

Many of the tanks that cause got been deployed inward Bangkok cause got xanthous ribbons tied approximately their barrels to signify loyalty to the king."

Have a practiced day!

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