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I cause got in all probability eaten to a greater extent than at Mama Noi equally much equally whatsoever other eating theater inwards Phuket Thailand . Why? Well, it's simply circular the corner from where I operate at Karon Beach, virtually 1 infinitesimal walk from door to door. Sure, at that topographic point are a few other nearby options such equally a (very) local roadside eating theater that does swell Phad Thai for l Baht, a house called Pim's Kitchen which is over the route from the 7-11 100m away which does elementary inexpensive Thai food, as well as the rattling proficient Sala Bua which is utilization of the Karon Place Hotel as well as alone opened upwards inwards high season, but Mama Noi keeps me coming back.

You'll detect Mama Noi side past times side to the Siam Commercial Bank, simply off the dorsum route (Patak Road). It's tardily plenty to detect as well as e'er looks build clean as well as welcoming, amongst greenish plants as well as many colourful orchids hanging outside. There's cipher actually fancy here, but it has many regular customers (myself included) - unusual as well as Thai alike. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 eating theater amongst regular local customers is e'er a proficient sign.

Inside you lot may notice signs maxim "Self Service", as well as indeed this is one-half true. You volition postulate to house your lodge at the counter, therefore accept your ain cutlery as well as drinking glass of H2O to your table. Drinks are inwards a large drinking glass front end refrigerator - again, self service. BUT, non all drinks are inwards there. I almost e'er lodge a banana milk shiver (Kluay Pan) - the best I cause got establish anywhere as well as alone forty Baht!

Food - the cry Mama Noi suggests Italian connections as well as the master copy possessor (as far equally I know) used to alive inwards Italy. The western carte du jour includes pasta, lasagne, salads, sandwiches, chicken as well as chips as well as more, piece the Thai carte du jour includes basically whatsoever Thai dish you lot tin intend of. My electrical flow favourites - Yellow Vegetable Curry (Gaeng Garee Pak), Fried Pork inwards exceptional sauce (Moo Phad Mama Noi), Chicken Penang Curry (Penang Gai)... The minestrone soup is non bad either as well as the sandwiches are decent.. the Massaman curry is proficient too.. inwards fact I don't actually retrieve a duff repast hither though the fried rice tends to survive rather bland.

It's a pop place, toll is OK (not super local cheap, but non expensive) - for example, the curries volition survive roughly lxxx Baht, fried rice sixty Baht, as well as did I cite the first-class xxx Baht milkshakes...? (Update 2013, prices cause got risen since this was written inwards 2007!)

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