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Scuba diving is why I came to Phuket Thailand vii years ago, hoping to larn some teacher work, run into the best dive sites of the area, in addition to and hence motion on. I had this catch to operate my means circular SE Asia, solely I never left Thailand (at least, non for long). My really commencement dives hither were local 24-hour interval dives from Phuket Thailand (read to a greater extent than here), but what I actually wanted was to live on a liveaboard to the Bangkok Thailand Map; Scuba Diving inward Phuket Thailand " href="">Similan Islands. Best diving inward Thailand in addition to the best means to create it. Well, to a greater extent than well-nigh that later. This department is well-nigh the keen multifariousness local dive sites roughly Phuket Thailand . If you lot desire to larn scuba diving inward Phuket Thailand , Phi Phi or the Similan Islands, utter to Bangkok Thailand Map; Scuba Diving inward Phuket Thailand " href="">Karon Beach.

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Phuket Thailand Scuba Diving - Dive Sites

Koh Racha Yai

Nice in addition to piece of cake diving, amongst the eastward coast beingness the best; visibility usually roughly xx - 25m, lots of coral, loads of minor fish, minimal currents. Ideal for everyone who wants a relaxing dyad of dives. There are boats going hither every 24-hour interval in addition to it's domicile to The Racha resort. Most commonly used for students doing beginners courses, but you lot tin flame larn some prissy dives hither if you lot dive a piffling deeper. The max depth is actually solely well-nigh 24m unless you lot similar sand. I receive got dived to well-nigh 33m here. All the usual reef fish are here, amongst regular octopus, lionfish, scorpionfish, cuttlefish, blueish spotted stingrays, puffers, butterflyfish...the listing goes on. Not the most exciting scuba diving inward Phuket Thailand but ever what I would shape a "nice" dive.

Shark Point

From the advert you lot may larn the impression the site is crawling amongst sharks - non really, though leopard sharks are commonly seen, peculiarly inward the depression season. Shark Point is a beautiful house to dive; colourful soft corals, fan corals, oodles of marine life in addition to it remains the solely house ever where I saw a dolphin during a dive. The dive site consists of several pinnacles. The largest breaks the surface, the 2nd is at 5m, in addition to hence the remainder are smaller. You involve decent navigation or sense amongst the site to larn betwixt the pinnacles. Visibility varies from 8 - 25m, currents tin flame live fair to middling.

 I had this catch to operate my means circular SE Asia <a href=Bangkok Thailand Map; Scuba Diving inward Phuket Thailand " src="" width="320" />

Anemone Reef

Near Shark Point you lot receive got Anemone Reef, which was striking yesteryear the King Cruiser inward 1997. This site is i pinnacle, all nether water, starting at well-nigh 5m. The move yesteryear few meters are carpeted amongst anemones, in addition to all over the site is soft coral. Some people prefer it to Shark Point. To me they are pretty similar. Both receive got a max depth of well-nigh 24m, hence they're non actually deep. Worth going piece of cake roughly these sites. Soft corals tin flame cover all means of critters such every bit ghost pipefish, frogfish in addition to seahorses.

 I had this catch to operate my means circular SE Asia <a href=Bangkok Thailand Map; Scuba Diving inward Phuket Thailand " src="" />

King Cruiser Wreck

Sank inward 1997, depth is from fifteen - 32m, currents tin flame live strong. Not a beginners dive, in addition to atmospheric condition are highly variable. Visibility tin flame live 5m, tin flame live 20m. If you lot larn a adept day, its a keen dive. Wreck is covered inward marine life. Lots of lionfish in addition to scorpionfish (don't seat your hands down!), schools of snapper hanging around. The wreck has been piece of cake deteriorating since it sank. Now non possible to penetrate the machine deck, but it's the solely wreck nearby (unless you lot are Trimix trained), in addition to at that topographic point are boats hither every day, doing trips combined amongst 1 or ii of the other sites.

Koh Doc Mai

This is a existent "love it or loathe it" sort of site. You dive along a wall amongst depths downward to 28m inward places, in addition to to larn the most of the site, peculiarly when vis is low, you lot involve to pop off along your olfactory organ to the wall. All kinds of things to run into from seahorses to piffling moray eels to cleaner shrimps in addition to nudibranchs. When vis is adept it IS really spectacular. There are a dyad of minor caverns at the base of operations of the wall too. I saw mating leopard sharks hither i time, which was great. It's almost ever the concluding dive of the 24-hour interval on the means dorsum to Phuket Thailand from the wreck. You tin flame run into this isle anytime you lot receive got a ferry from Phuket Thailand to Phi Phi - a minor limestone isle rising immediately upward from the sea.

 I had this catch to operate my means circular SE Asia <a href=Bangkok Thailand Map; Scuba Diving inward Phuket Thailand " src="" />

Koh Racha Noi

South of Racha Yai in addition to inward deeper water, is Racha Noi. Every fourth dimension I dive hither I run into something interesting. Maybe an eagle ray, perchance a manta, perchance turtle, perchance large barracudas. The deep H2O in addition to currents attract bigger fish hither in addition to there's non much pretty reef. Currents tin flame live strange - up, down, circular in addition to round. Again, similar the wreck, non ideal for beginners peculiarly at the South Point, where you lot assay to decend to 30m on move yesteryear of a deep pinnacle. There are easier sites, hence some novel divers larn hither on occasion. It's non the most pop site, in all likelihood because its non ideal for all divers, in addition to its quite a long haul inward the normal chugga irksome 24-hour interval trip boats that are used for Phuket Thailand scuba diving, but sure worth the effort.

 I had this catch to operate my means circular SE Asia <a href=Bangkok Thailand Map; Scuba Diving inward Phuket Thailand " src="" width="320" />

That'll create for now. Phi Phi is also inside accomplish of a 24-hour interval trip for diving, in addition to amongst some novel fast boats coming into the dive manufacture inward the lastly few years, at that topographic point are to a greater extent than 24-hour interval trips to Hin Daeng in addition to Hin Muang too. In the high flavour at that topographic point are daily trips to the Similans - the boats depart from Khao Lak amongst early on morn option ups inward Phuket Thailand .

There's a lot of scuba diving multifariousness available from Phuket Thailand . You tin flame easily create a weeks diving without repeating dive sites. It was adept plenty to pop off along me hither for life!

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